April 3, 2009

Copying My Friend

My Friend Bonnie had a post on her blog today that was full of all kinds of randomness. From time to time we have so many thoughts we want to get on the blog and just can't pull them together into a valid, postworthy story to tell. So today I copy my friend Bonnie and I bring you all that is random with me.

1. Bonnie got a new bloggy layout complete with third column, new background color, new signature, a little spring in the header and a new post divider. I Did this last night. She had been asking for weeks and I kept forgetting! SORRY BONNIE. Go check it out and let us know what you think!

2. Facebook is great for connecting with people you want to connect with, but what about those who your not sure you really care about? I mean if we hated each other from 1988 to 1991 (the only four years we new each other) why do I want to suddenly become your friend in 2009? I get the whole by gones thing... but do I need to make friends with someone I was never friends with? Does it somehow make me a better person, is it going to make my life fuller? I don't know. I just don't get it.

3. If your willing please Tweet the Ficklets giveaway or post to it on your blog! I really do think the mom entrepreneur and her product are fabulous and I would love to help her spread the word even more! And YES, I am begging. The giveaway officially ends at midnight.

4. Jen from Sabbatical Mom has a guest Review over at Tales from the Nightstand today....go check it out and while your there drop down a post and enter the giveaway for I can Draw Animals! This book is really cute. I am also trying to drive more traffic to this site, trying to optimize the SEO if ya know what I mean, I am open to any and all suggestions!

5. Hailey and I will be visiting her Dr. on Monday at Noon to discuss this mess she is in, I think it might be a tonsil problem but who am I? I don't have a PHD that's for sure.

6. Have you ever noticed that I sometimes make up words when I blog? Apparently spell check doesn't like words like "postworthy", or "bloggy" - but I don't care - they make sense to me!

7. We are expecting another dumping of snow tomorrow or tonight or maybe never, so hard to tell in Denver. We waited all winter for winter and now that Spring has Sprung Winter showed up as well. If the storms "stays on track" we could see another foot of snow by Sunday morning. The Good news...I am AT HOME and don't have to go anywhere! The other good news is I LOVE SNOW. I love to watch it snow, I love to see the snow in the sunlight, I even don't mind shoveling the snow! But I will forgo this job to "he" and his snow blower if it is more than about 6 inches...I am no fool!

8. we just spent 7 days and 6 nights relaxing in Beaver Creek and today Hailey has school, tomorrow Lauren has rehearsals and life is beginning again and reality bites. Sometimes I just want to chuck it all and move to shack in the woods and live the simple life (whatever that is) -

Ok maybe not a shack.


The Fritz Facts said...

Sometimes random is better!

I love the new bloggy layout you did! Very cool.

We have rehersals this weekend too, Sunday I get to spend all day in a high school auditorium watching other kids dance, minus the maybe 10 minutes Boo will be on stage. I love it...really I do.

We are getting snow on Sunday maybe, not excited. I just want it done already! Bring on Spring!

I say ignore to people all the time on Facebook. It is hilarious.

I hope all goes well for Hailey next week. I will keep my fingers crossed!!

jenjen said...

You are so talented that you can do blog layout. I got Photoshop and am trying to figure it out so I can learn how to do some cool stuff. We'll see..

I know what you are saying about Facebook. All of these people from high school keep friending me and I don't remember them and the ones that I do weren't even nice to me then. And if I do friend them, they don't even say hi. It's bringing back too many adolescent feelings. So much like high school.

It has been snowing here ALL DAY and pretty much ALL WEEK. I am so sick of it. I need to get away!!!

I hope you are having a better day than me today...


Laura said...

Say it aint' so...
Ya gotta make your own Facebook boundaries.
My Facebook is mostly high school/jr high/elementary school people and that is fun to me.
I have had a parent friend me...but I am going to drop her when summer starts.
I have told a co-worker that I am not friending co-workers because I really want to be able to relax and say what I want.
So make your own Facebook rules, I say it again.
It's supposed to be fun, not stressful.

jen@odbt said...

More snow? Oy! I'm with you on FB. Kind of getting over it. Great job on the bloggy layout - may have to have you work on mine :)

Jen said...

I personally am a fan of made up words. Sometimes you need them to say what you are trying to say! Don't worry - we'll let you know if you stop making any sense...

We were suppose to get snow today, but it ended up wonderful out. Will have to check the weather forecast to see if it just got puched back a few days or not. I'm hoping it stays nice!

Thanks for the review comments!

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you finally copied me now I don't have to feel so bad always copying you :)
Sounds like you had a nice vacation. It's so nice that you have somewhere to go away to on a regular basis.
I hope you get something figured out with Hailey, now that you mention it, tonsils would make sense!

I know what you mean about facebook. Not to be mean but if there are people I want to be in touch with, I already am. My best friend in Ks. just sent me an invite to join but I don't think I'm gonna. She never visits the blog even though I've tried sending her subscriptions... She's really busy though.

Love, love, love my blog design! It's so Springy! Thank you again.

Bonnie said...

That was a really long comment..sorry

whoopsadasie said...

Loving your randomness! As for FB, I don't like the fact that everybody can read what you say to others...unless you post it wall-to-wall! There are some things I really like about it though! S N O W!!! No THANK YOU!

whoopsadasie said...

Oh by the by...just enlarged the page and saw what others were talking about with the new layout! Just wanted you to know that I LOVE it!