April 21, 2009

Positive, Grumbly and Annoying -

What I learned this week is hosted by JoLynn at Musings of housewife. And much like last week she has some sweet reviews and giveaways going on over on her review site. be sure to stop by if you haven't already!

What I learned this week the positive, the grumbling and the flat out annoying


1. Wii bowling tournaments are FUN

2. Blackberry themes are a hot item – if you missed them go to zimplifier or check out this post

3. Juicy Juice for brain development and Immunity rocks – the kids all loved it and didn’t know they were getting the extra boost of vitamins till we told them - Lots of people asked about this party and how I got involved - I answered their emails directly but the scoop is: Sign up at http://www.houseparty.com/ and they will send you emails about opportunities - when you get the email you fill out an application that is reviewed by the sponsor and either chosen or not! So - sign up, wait, fill out app, wait and if accepted - host a great party!!!

4. I love getting together with friends and don’t do it enough

5. Someone is going to get very lucky with this week’s giveaway on Tales from the Nightstand because the odds are fantastic (hardly anyone entered)

6. Life unscripted is best – though sometimes we may forget

7. Late Breaking News: Dan Brown's new book - The Lost Symbol when I read the press release I about peed - seriously! Check it out -


1. Twitpic and I are not friends –

2. Wordpress seems to be a lot less user friendly than blogger – I have not moved yet – at this point I am finding it very time consuming – I don’t like time consuming – I like quick and easy – need to play around more.

3. Blogher ads and I probably do NOT have a long lasting relationship – the revenue is so low on my little blog and it takes up a lot of annoying space?


1. My Hair
2. My Hair
3. oh and My Hair.


Laura said...

My hair is SO annoying.
I wish I could be bald sometimes.

Becky said...

Hair - what a daily pain.

Bonnie said...

I've been disgusted with my hair too. Trying to let it grow out and it's growing sooooooo slow if at all.

I may look into the Juicy Juice party.

Sorry about the word press thing. I don't know anything about it. What is that advantage over blogger?

Jenni Jiggety said...

Ooooooh! A new Dan Brown book! YAY!

whoopsadasie said...

Love this post! I might have to give it a whirl!

Thanks for the info for home parties. Going to check that out!

And hair...DON'T EVEN GO THERE!?! ;-)

The Fritz Facts said...

Oh my hair as well. I need a cut, but have no time to get it done.

sarah said...

So much to comment on. Where do I start?! I totally have to read Dan Brown's new book.

Yes, Wordpress is more complex which is why I haven't switched over but some people love it.

I can't decide on BlogHer either. I really get no money but I like that they link to some of my posts and show the titles on other pages. Is it worth it? I don't know.

And, I want a Wii. Not this year though. Rather put the money into a new deck.

Have a great week.

The Fritz Facts said...

I just gave you a gift on my blog!

Anonymous said...

My hair is awful.. seriously need to get it cut! Maybe get a nice spring cut and take off some of my length.. hmm

Excited about the Dan Brown book :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

It's time consuming at first, but in the end it's much easier.

Hairline Fracture said...

Hair can be so irritating. And when you don't like yours, it's hard to feel great about how you look.

Amanda said...

It's so funny that your hair was bugging you today, too. I was just trying to find a new hair thingy to use for work because I'm sick of my standard bun or french twist, but I suck at my hair. Ugh.

Thanks for the note on my being a no reply blogger. I have been iffy about putting my email address out there, but I've been thinking about it more lately.

I continue to thoroughly enjoy your blog. I'm glad I found it!

jen@odbt said...

Thanks again for sharing the house party info. We'll see...I should have more time once this school board issue is done. Unfortunately, not looking too good for us.