November 13, 2008

Calling all my BlackBerry friends...

OMG I think it is the coolest thing since the Kindle! And you all know I love my Kindle! So Todd (who would normally prefer to be left out of Blog conversations) found this new BlackBerry feature today called Vlingo! It rocks!

With Vlingo you can talk to your phone and it understands you. Yes you read that understands you and you don't have to talk like a robot either you can just talk!

Send an email without typing, send a text without typing, search the internet without typing. Are you catching on. HOW COOL IS THIS! Just speak, verify and send.

This is sure to save a lot of thumbs, track balls and maybe lives (texting while driving for example!)

Here are some screen shots courtesty of "him who would rather not be named"

And for those of you still in the dark ages still - grab your PIN number and email it to me so we can pin each other (faster than email and free unlike texting)

Oh, Another dark ages update...took me weeks to take the time to do it but it is worth it! take a moment to go into your BlackBerry Web maintenance site and delete your email account and then put it back in...why? Because if your email host has imap relay you will start to get your emails instantly rather than 15 or 20 minutes delayed! Now, that is pretty darn cool too! How do you know if yours worked or not? After you add your email account back in click on EDIT then on Advanced the top box if it looks like this (xxxx being your email server)

then you are HOOKED UP! If not...sorry you wont get instant emails.

Ok once again a shout out to "him who would rather not be named" because he is the master behind all things BlackBerry. He has even mastered the art of creating your own CUSTOM themes...if your interested $7 will get you one!

I am sorry my BlackBerry might be AWESOME but it does not hold a candle to this phone found by Becky! Enjoy: but then come back...

Now if only BlackBerry would call me up and ask if we would like to preview cool new BlackBerry's and software for them! Know anyone?


Musings of a Housewife said...

Need. That. Now.

Becky said...

totally cool! When are you getting yours?

Terra said...

Becky, I already loaded it on my phone! Tested it, played with it, laughed at it, got giddy about it then blogged about it!


Kim said...

Wow.. that is really neat.. thanks for the heads up!!!

Jogging In Circles..

Bonnie said...

I loaded Vlingo today and I love it..can't believe it's free. What a fun and useful gadget. Thanks for sharing!