April 22, 2009

Earth Day, Cookie Cutters and a drunken snowman

Today was Earth Day, that that it was. We played hookie from Lauren's school because they were taking one of their famous long distance, longer than the school day field trips that I don't believe in and we went to see the movie Earth. Near by in the melting snow I found these earthen treasures

We LOVED the movie - even Hailey sat very well through most of it, she was fidgety at times but she was also able to provide a full recap after the show! The movie was well done, well narrated - made us laugh, made us wonder and made us smile! Here is my quick once over of the movie SPOILER - DON'T read unless you really want to know - like if you're considering NOT going for some reason or want to pre-screen it for your little ones! If you choose NOT to read then scroll past the italics for the rest of the post!

Since it debuted on EARTH day - one could easily assume that it is about global warming and the harm humans may or may not be causing to our planet. However, humans were never even mentioned, it was truly about the Animals and how they live. It starts with baby polar bears and their mother in hibernation and moves to what they do for food, survival and "growing up" once summer comes. It follows a whale family on their 4000 mile migration across the ocean for warm waters and shrimp to eat from the safe and empty crystal clear waters where they deliver and keep their babies for a while, they meet a shark on the way (beautiful footage). It follows caribou across the dessert they meet a jaguar (a scary but not gory moment here), it follows penguins doing nothing but being cute for a few minutes. There was a scene about when the winter turns to summer on the ??? hemisphere (I need to go back to school) and all the ice melts and the grasslands bloom and flood and the monkeys wade through the water, so cute and confused, but the other animals love the flood season. (HUGE SPOILER AHEAD) It goes back to the polar bears at the end because the dad went too far out onto the frozen sea in search of seals and got stranded when summer hit, it follows him back to land (mentioning the warming planet) and he tries to take down walruses though they aren't his normal prey and he fails and he dies - but they make it look like he lays down and goes to sleep. (MAJOR SPOILER OVER) There is a fight between Lions and elephants that is awesome! There are storms in the rain forest and a mention of how much of the earth rain forests make up. It is awe inspiring watching how some wild animals protect their babies when predators are near!! OK, that is all I can think of right now! All in all I loved the movie, I recommend it for all ages - (well maybe not babies!)
Now, what I want to know is: Here is my movie ticket, Disney has said they will plant a tree for each ticket sold today - did they? How would I know? Do I get to name my tree like when you buy a star? (HA HA)

Moving on: Many have wondered about the cookies from the Juicy Juice Party. I love my alphabet cookie cutters. I hunted them down when Lauren was three! We have spelled many a word with cookies. I grabbed my tin, and took some pictures for all to see!

There is even a recipe on the back! How cool is that? I don't use that recipe, didn't even notice it till I had my camera aimed - but totally cool!

So mine came from William Sonoma - but they don't carry them anymore so I did some shopping for you. I found these Harold's Kitchen Alphabet Cookie Cutters, Set of 26 at Amazon but they don't come in a tin and I found these at Amazon in a box Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set and I found these at some random store as well!! Happy cookie making!
Also I felt the need to share this little ditty with everyone - during our blizzard last weekend (one week ago today through the Juicy Juice Party) we made this cute little guy on party day.

and because we live in Colorado and as soon as the snow stops falling the snow starts melting this is what we had left by the time the party was over. I like to call him our drunken snowman:

Oh, and it is going to be 81 degrees out tomorrow, the girls are going to be in shorts (not my white legs) and the snow is ALL GONE!


Anita said...

It's earth day...........and my husband's birthday....we consider him very earthy!
Thanks for the movie review

jen@odbt said...

I skimmed the review b/c I think that's a movie I want to take the kids too. I love the cookie cutters however I never have much luck with sugar cookies. We're supposed to be in the 80s too! Enjoy!!!

McMommy said...

I can't stop laughing at the pic of the drunken snowman!!! He looks like he has rough night ahead!!:)

Carrie said...

I love the cookie cutters they are so great!

Love the drunken snowman he made me smile ☺


jenjen said...

Hi Terra!

What a great idea. That movie sounds great!

Those cookie cutters are cute. I saw some like those at Macy's in the Martha Stewart section. I bought some for my sister.

Cute snowman! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the word cloud. I would still love for you to make me one if you have time. I feel like my life is spinning out of control with all of the stuff going on (kids, church, yardwork, etc.)

Have a great night!


thecasualperfectionist.com said...

Slushed, Sloshed...all the same when you're a snowman in Colorado in April. ;)

Amanda said...

Sounds like an awesome Earth Day. I would love to see the Movie Earth. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for the spoiler warning. I was wondering the same thing about the Disney tree planting just last night . . .

Working on fixing the no-reply blogger thing, but I think it'll take a couple days. The only part of blogging I can do from work is post . . .

Have a great day!

Bonnie said...

I'm still laughing at the drunken snowman.. so funny.
It was fun running into you at the movie, we couldn't have planned it better.
Wasn't the footage of the great white shark beautiful? and the monkeys wading through the water were so comical. Connor said he had seen a lot of the footage from the movie before, which surprised me but they probably take bits and pieces from other shows. He's seen every nature show there is I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

hehe love the drunken snowman! Those cookie cutters are so fun!

The Fritz Facts said...

The poor snow man!

We are going to see Earth maybe this weekend if we can get everything else done.

Thanks for the cookie cutter tip!

Grams said...

Too much Juicy Juice for that snowman!

whoopsadasie said...

I want to see the movie Earth Day, so I didn't read it.

I ♥ those cutters...I will be getting me some of those!

I still can't get over all that snow! And that looks like a snowlady and not a snowman!? LOL!

Megan said...

I was wondering about those letter cookies too. Thanks for the info. I'll have to add this to my mommy's day gift idea list!

Lori said...

Great snowman! We had 80 degrees on Tues and snow flurries today. Weird, weird weather. Hope you enjoyed the sun, and thanks for the hot tip about the cookie cutters!