April 29, 2009

Gettin Crafty With it

First...Let me remind everyone that today(Thursday) is the LAST day of Usborne April over at Tales from the Nightstand.

It has been a fun month for me because I love children's books! Paige has been a wonderful sponsor to work with and the new people I have "met" have been amazing. Take a minute and read the last couple posts as we close out a super month!

Second - if you follow little ole me on twitter you know I had the girls at the Dr. today.
This morning "HE" asked Lauren how she was feeling her answer was:
"Not as good as I felt the day before yesterday"

I am happy to report we do NOT have the influenza (swine, bird, Asian, hong kong or housepet). Lauren does have an upper respiratory infection and confined to home until the fever breaks and the pandemic passes parents say it is ok to go back!
So, I have posted a lot about Hailey being a trooper, amazing at the Dr. etc. Lauren, NOT SO MUCH. Today when they went to swab her for Influenza (thanks to CDC guidelines) she screamed and hid in the corner, so much that our beloved Dr. looked at me and said "I'm handing this one off to the nurses" - Hey thanks doc - I love it when my 8 year old embarrasses me in front of multiple medical personnel. At which point little Hailey says

"Lauren, Lauren, Listen to me Lauren - I will hold your hand!"
My heart melted.

Lauren got swabbed and I got ready to leave - but "NO wait - you can't leave till we get this tested!" and the nurse left and shut the door and suddenly I was TOTALLY CREEPED OUT. Reality hit, if that little red testy thing says INFLUENZA then they will pry send us out of here in masks and call it a SUSPECTED Case and send it off to the WHO for further testing and that would just be crappy in so many ways.

But it wasn't and they didn't and we are home trying to pass some long, unexpected days. So this afternoon we got Crafty With It! Yes we did. I got one of my Favorite Usborne Books (the Book of Know How - reviewed today on Tales...) and a crafting we went:

We were learning about Centrifugal force and made these lovely spinners

(you can almost SEE her fever in the above shot)
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Becky said...

I can just hear her sweet little voice. Such good girls.

Bonnie said...

What a sweet little sis. It's so good when they can recognise each others weaknesses and help out.

I'm so impressed with your crafts!

Hope Lauren feels better soon.

jen@odbt said...

Hailey is so sweet. I hope Lauren feels better - only she would be up for a learning craft even when she's not feeling 100%. She's such an avid learner!

Krape Family said...

Poor Lauren. Hope the rest of you stay healthy.
I feel like I am walking around with sanitizer glued to my hip.

Carrie said...

I love crafty days!

I am glad she does not have the flu!

The Fritz Facts said...

Boo would have held her hand too...she hates seeing people unhappy and is a great patient like Hailey.

Her poor red face! I hope she feels better very soon.

Anonymous said...

aww Hailey is so sweet! Glad it wasn't the flu! Those spinners are so pretty!!

Jen said...

Hailey is so sweet....I hope you all are feeling better soon. I know I always feel lousy when my kids are sick.

Kim Priestap said...

I'm glad to hear she doesn't have the flu, swine or otherwise. I just read earlier today that scientists think the swine flu as it exists now will be milder than the regular winter flu.

Love your crafts. I'm so not crafy. Too bad for my kids, too. :(

Anita said...

Terra, I hope the girls are feeling better soon, and your little one, oh my I can imagine her just being so sweet to her sister, how adorable!

nice crafting job too!

Courtney said...

oh no, I hope Lauren feels better soon. Okay and how sweet is Hailey. totally melts my heart.

Kim H. said...

Hugs to your beautiful princesses! I hope you are all on the mend. This has been such a weird season with SO MUCH SICKNESS.

And let me just tell you I've been swabbed TWICE for the flu -- you know with the pneumonia thing -- and it could quite possibly be the most awful procedure known to man. I sobbed after the first one -- it hurt SO FLIPPIN' BAD! The nurse was a hack.

And you are one crafty little beaver over there!