April 16, 2009

A single tomato

A single tomato - that is about all we had to show for 4 years of gardening efforts.
It is not for lack of skill or effort
but instead because of these pesky little critters:

and the fact that I actually witnessed them pulling a three foot tall Tomato plant straight underground -just like in the cartoons.

I gave up that year. We had tried EVERYTHING to make the garden work, we battled bunnies, birds, squirrels and now the Voles. I threw in the towel and replaced the garden with a sandbox.

Now, I am in a unique position to start all over - in a location further from the open space, guarded on 2 sides by house and patio and the other two by rock beds. Thus giving us a much better chance for success.

What could possibly be holding me back?

This location is -

The Dog Run.

For 8 years one sometimes 2 dogs used this for a bathroom/playroom. Now the ground was covered with many inches of gravel, the excrement picked up regularly etc...but


So I ask you...is it gross to grow and eat veggies from a garden planted where dogs once relieved themselves?

We would of course churn in some new soil but the old stuff would still be there.

Anyone have any true scientific backing in support of or against?


Kim H. said...

Plant away!

And what the h-e-double hockeysticks is that creature?

Bonnie said...

I would think it would make the ground more fertile :)

The Fritz Facts said...

Cow manure is used as fertilizer all the time, so I couldn't see why not. We planted a garden once in the area that our dog spent more of her time, plants did wonderfully there. Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

I would say its fine! Our dog walks around in our garden. It prob would be good soil because its well fertilized ;-)

jen@odbt said...

Go for it! I agree with everyone, fertilizer is fertilizer...although you do have those egg issues ;)

whoopsadasie said...

By all means, like everyone else has said...go for it! It will be nice and fertilized now!

Megan said...

I would think this area would be perfect for a garden. The ground has already been fertilized!

Courtney said...

think of it as you are being 'green' and its compost :)