April 7, 2009

How much TV is too much TV

Sometimes I get my blog post information from a comment I leave on another blog. And that is the case today. Last night a fellow mom blogger posted about Phineas and Ferb and it got me thinking about things I had thought about before but never spilled from my brain...

So here I go a spillin:
Where are Max and Ruby's parents?
Are Toot and Puddle life partners?
How come Angelina is so whiney?
Phineas and Ferb are ok but what is up with Perry?
Do little buggies really web surf?
I haven't thought of the pizza delivery guy as a hero since Dominos ditched the 30min or it's free
What went wrong with Christopher Robin and Owls contract negotiations?
Handy Manny and his talking tools really need to learn more about wooing girls
Scooby Doo was way better off pre scrappy days
Couldn't Stephanie have had a normal hair color and still motivated Lazy Town?
Pinky's busy makin up stories in her story box that never breaks or tears or falls over when they get in it
What on earth do Wow Wow Wubzee and Beyonce have in common?
Eyes on fingers? Just plain creepy - makes my hands crawl just typing about it.
Why does Little Bill call his Grandma Alice the Great?
Are turtles ever really afraid of their own shell?
Have you ever seen an octopus pushing a piano down the street?
I would love to run into a bear fishing on the high blue sea during a storm and go home to meet his family waiting with aprons on.
Did the ferocious beast get inspiration from Dr. Seuss Put me in the Zoo?
I am so glad I can fast forward right on through The Upside Down Show
How come Dora and Diego needed seperate shows?
Sponge Bob (nough said)
We dont watch TV by the way. And I WAS NOT watching Charlie Brown while typing this post - does he ever actually kick the ball?)


The Fritz Facts said...

I am so glad that these questions don't just run through my head. Thank goodness!

We don't watch a ton of tv, but after school and before school are the main times.

I can't stand Phinea's and whats his name...just bugs me.

Scrappy should have never been allowed.

Grams said...

LOL - All so true - Well Done!

Megan said...

You crack me up!

Becky said...

Hmmmm - I'm stumped. I have heard of Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob, but that's about it.

jenjen said...

Haaa - that is hilarious! I have wondered about some of those same things. I was watching Max and Ruby the other day and wondered if Max has a disability. How old is he supposed to be??

I haven't seen Phineus and Ferb. But we love some Little Bear around here. And what's the deal with Yo Gabba Gabba? Am I the only one who thinks that is totally annoying?


Laura said...

You are so funny Terra.
Who was taking care of Pebbles when she wasn't in the scene?

Anita said...

I always had concerns about the girl on The Big Comfy Couch, Lynette? Her doll was Molly? Just too weird.
BTW, I haven't heard of many of those, my kids are older, but trust me cartoons and kids programing is just weird........Dora doesn't have a mom much either, and she's always running off with the Map and that monkey...LOL.

jen@odbt said...

Too funny. Sad thing is I know every single show you mentioned. Can you say too much tv?

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I ALWAYS wonder where Max & Ruby's parents are. :)

And that whole pizza delivery guy being a hero? Yeah, I concur.

Didn't much like scrappy, either.

Oobie is a freak.

This post made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

lol!! o my.. glad to know I am not the only one dissecting kids tv shows.

Bonnie said...

At least you are paying attention. When my kids were little I was just glad they were occupied for a little while so I could "zone" out or think about something else.

I know a lot of people don't like Sponge Bob but I guess I'm a little calloused having boys. They get the humor and I don't mind it.

I also like Phinneas and Ferb. I think it's pretty smart comedy not just rambling.

I don't know the answer about Charlie Brown or the Ferocious Beast. I haven't heard of that Dr. Seuss book.

The Sprouts said...

We love Noggin, too - it's my blog-time! But my two-year-old has re-discover PBS and brought some new questions to light!

Why does Caliou (sp?) have no hair and his baby sister has a full head of hair?

Does anyone else have nightmares about talking trains?

And do kids really think dogs can talk like Martha?

Thanks for a fun post!

Courtney said...

peeing my pants at the handy manny comment b/c my bub & I have been saying for months he is totally after Kelly. Did you see the music video -- hilarious.

meanwhile, I don't know half the shows you referenced. I guess in time I will be asking the same questions :)

Krape Family said...

"I think the circus is the place for you."

whoopsadasie said...

Some of these even I question! ;-)

Allison said...

Just getting caught up on my blog reading! Great post...I am laughing at how many of these same questions I have asked myself about those shows!