April 11, 2009

Paas-itively Beautiful

Thanks Cheryl for the Pass word play inspiration! (always give credit where credit is due)

Tonight we embarked upon Egg Dyeing...Emerson Girls style.

That means we strip the table down to the felt pad

make seperate sets of everything for each girl

get out the jar of wet wipes for one girl

and get busy!

Not hard to guess who made which eggs eh?

Do you eat your eggs after they have been dyed? I have awful food aversions and can't - But Lauren wants to...YUCKY says I!


Grams said...

We always ate the eggs after they were dyed. Kept them in the refrigerator though.

Candi said...

Pretty eggs! We usually end up making egg salad with ours or using them in a regular salad. I love those colored cups...do you reuse those every year?

Lindsay said...

ooo so pretty.. we did our yesterday. I just let Sammy put the stickers on afterwords. They did a good job from the looks of it :-)

jen@odbt said...

I'm sad. I missed the egg coloring in my house. The girls' eggs turned out great!

Some of us ate eggs (just the whites). They taste so good since we usually don't eat hard boiled eggs.

Paige said...

We always eat ours. In fact, we just finished coloring and already two have been eaten. They will last in our fridge only a couple of days before they are gone.

Kim H. said...

Okay, I was just thinkin' that's a lot of dye! And I love Hailey with the wipes -- too much!

Easter blessing and hugs!

The Fritz Facts said...

We always do, they don't take any different. I think there is one way you can make them that you CAN'T eat them after, but we always make them with Vinegar so we can...we love hard boiled egss in our house.

whoopsadasie said...

Don't miss those days at all-the mess that is! With four little ones..it was..trust me. Wish I would have thought to give them all their own little cup though. That would probably have saved a lot of arguing and fighting over the colors!?

We always ate our eggs...either like they were, egg salad, or deviled eggs!

Bonnie said...

Great ideas.. wish I would have read this sooner.. separate cups and wipes!

Pretty eggs.. I tried to buy the pretty colored cups at Walgreens the other day and Con said "Mom, you know they make those cups for people like you who will buy them just because they are cute" and then I smacked him.. :0 no not really but the thought did cross my mind.

Bonnie said...

I forgot to mention. This year I made deviled eggs out of some of the eggs we colored.

Jen said...

We always eat the eggs...I have egg salad scheduled for an easy dinner one night this week in fact!