April 6, 2009


Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing I got the chance to review this adorable children's DVD. Armed with the best critic at my side (3 year old Hailey) we popped it in the DVD player and off we went.

The beginning was tough, they went through introducing all the "voices" chalk full of Disney big names and other "businiss-ey stuff" - Hailey lost interest quickly. However once we got to the meat she was back at my side and ready to watch.

These cute little bugs on their quest to find out all about being unique. One of Skeeters friends has a crooked stinger and it makes him feel self conscience. He also has one of those brothers you know, the seemingly perfect ones...the adventures they go on and how they find out being unique is special were certainly fun to watch!

All in all we both enjoyed the movie! I would however recommend that you don't call your toddler in till the "movie" is really ready!


Bonnie said...

Looks cute!

Anonymous said...

oo looks like a cute movie.. I don't get the movies that do that in the beginning either!

whoopsadasie said...

Thanks for the tip...I will keep that in my for my grandbabies!