April 17, 2009

If life came with a script

If life came with a script:

I would have known that I would not have had the time alone I was expecting today and done more ahead of time

I would have known that Lauren’s school was going to close at noon thus rendering leaving the house in the morning totally worthless

I would have known that the snow would come, and come it would

I would have known that said snow would be so heavy and wet my arms and back may never recover

and I would know if I would be able to walk tomorrow or not

I would have known that the UPS man delivering my last box of Juicy Juice would get stuck in front our house even though he had chains on his tires

I would have known that I was going to have to schlep out in the snow 4 (make that 5) times to brush off the satellite dish

And I would have known just how beautiful more than a foot of Rocky Mountain Spring snow was going to be

And I would have known how peaceful it would be to go outside alone at 9pm and shovel a couple more inches of snow aching and cringing and grunting set aside

But what fun would that have been? If I had known. I am glad I don't have a script.


Laura said...

Oh Terra.
Good positive ending.
I was feeling so sorry for you.
But somehow you found peace.

Courtney said...

you are so positive! I think its craziness, terra - craziness!

Bonnie said...

The snow is really beautiful but can really throw a wrench in things.
I bet it was really peaceful (if not painful) being out shoveling at night.

Carrie said...

Wow that is alot of snow!

Lindsay said...

oo looks beautiful.. seem so weird since its 75 here today! I hope you enjoy the (hopefully) last snow of the year!

Amber said...

Well said, my dear. Love or hate this late-season storm, there is certainly beauty in the unscripted!

The Fritz Facts said...

Oh no!! That is a ton of snow. I know that there is always a chance we will get a late April snow like last year but I keep hoping we are done.

Take care, and a warm bath!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

You rock, Terra. Blanketed in snow and all. :)

(It's good reading with wine weather...I'm just sayin'.... ;) )

jen@odbt said...

It sure looks pretty but am happy to be done with snow here. I'm glad life doesn't come with a script either although it might make choosing clothes out a lot easier :)

whoopsadasie said...

I just can't imagine me living in all that snow! You handled it so well, without a script!!