February 1, 2009


Yesterday I got to take Lauren to the Planetarium right here in Denver. It is part of the Museum of Nature and Science and it is fantastic. He who would rather not be named stayed home with Miss Hailey so Lauren could really enjoy the exhibits and watch a couple shows in the planetarium. We saw Black Holes and Cosmic Collisions. It is like watching 3D without the glasses (and it makes you a bit dizzy too) but it was awesome.

This is Lauren taking a picture of a scale model of the Mars Rover - it was exactly like the real one except it doesn't work. She thought that was pretty neat.

We stopped at the museum store on the way out, not willing to dump a bunch of money on junk we bought some space ice cream and some polished rocks to bring home to Hailey.

Since Lauren was 3 she has wavered back and forth with the concept of being an Astronaut when she grows up. At times she doesn't speak of it but lately she has been all space all the time. She wants to study Astrophysics, wrote an "I have a dream" speech about finding an alternative habitable planet to earth and is reading books like this
And our mini astronaut in training LOVED the astronaut ice cream...even chose to eat it over a Milky Way bar her sister had bought her. Hailey on the other hand did not care for the freeze dried concoction -
So maybe just maybe one of these could be hanging proudly in her grown up closet, as her mom and dad sit firmly planted on Earths surface staring up at the planet she is exploring and praying for her safe return. You never know.


Allison said...

What fun! Max loved the space part of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum...I wish we had a planetarium nearby!

Cheryl Lage said...

OOOOOOH, I love that spacesuited astronaut flying overhead! :)

(Your family is too adorable!)

Courtney said...

ah, special day for you and Lauren. How exciting an astronaut!!! Imagine that!

The Bailey Family said...

Oh how cool for Lauren! I bet she had a blast!

Bonnie said...

What a nice outing for you and Lauren. She looks so happy. She must have been right in her element. I love when kids have a passion for something.

whoopsadasie said...

What a fun day for Lauren...and YOU!!

You never know...she may just grow up and be an astronaut!