February 15, 2009

Oh for goodness sakes

I have officially gutted the house...we have gotten rid of so much clutter since January 1 it is scary to think it was all in this house! We are not junky people, if you came by a couple months ago you and again today YOU would not see the difference it was a behind the difference like the 5 year old bottle of NyQuil hiding in the back of a kitchen cupboard, or the spare mattress pad for our bed because everyone needs 2 right (Ha), or the electric skillet that has only been heating in the middle for 4 years...so anyway what didn't go to the landfill is in the spare room in the basement haunting me to go sort it out (good will, garbage, sell) Soon, I promise soon.

So for goodness sake - I am posting a few more "older" pictures from back in December and January just to get those photos out of my mind! I can't handle the haunt of the spare room and the haunt of the un-posted pictures any longer...something had to give...

Hailey rocking out to the Jonas Brothers CD
Lauren in the back on the drums

The princess outfit Hailey bought with Christmas money (love those earrings)

A snooze for you? When is it my turn?

Come on now, we do own a vacuum, I swear!

The Gymboree outfit Hailey HAD TO HAVE, made the mistake of handing her the junk mail in the car one day and she carried around the card with this outfit pictured on it for weeks, she finally convinced Grams and I to take her shopping, she was right - it is SUPER CUTE

Breakfast on the prairie? Oh, man look this picture is from October - I have been hanging on to this one WAY too long.
That's it. All Done, for goodness sakes.


Grams said...


Kim H. said...


Love, love, love the pictures!

The one of Hailey in the Gymboree outfit is too much -- and too cute!

And I love the ones of the girls picking lint out of the carpet. Hilarious.

Thanks for getting those posted for us. :)

Allison said...

Cute pictures.

Wow...sounds like a huge project going on at your place! Keep up the good work! I am sure it will all be worth it.

Bonnie said...

Love the pictures.. Congratulations for all the cleaning you've done.. I know it just feels good toknow things are de-cluttered.

jenjen said...

Hi Terra!

Great job on the decluttering! I did some of that this week, but I still have a ways to go.

Cute pictures!!! I have a hailey too (spelled hayley)

Have a great night!


jen@odbt said...

That means spring is on its way...we're decluttering and fixing up too. It feels so good.

Enjoyed all the past pictures especially the one of Hailey snoozing. One of my favorite things to do!

Woman Interrupted said...

How do they ever NOT get their way when they're so darn cute?!

Lindsay said...

hehe loved them all! That gymboree outfit is so cute.. i def. think I need to have a little girl to buy those super cute outfits for :-)

whoopsadasie said...

Cute..cute pictures!!

When you're done at yours...wanna come over and declutter mine!! ;-)

Krape Family said...

I am loving Hailey's outfit too!!!

The Bailey Family said...

I loved all the pictures, especially the one of both the girls eating with bandanas on -super cute- Oh I see why Hailey HAD to have the Gymboree outfit…so adorable!!!