February 15, 2009

Your Brain on Joy

I got the opportunity to read this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing and review it for all who love to read and might be interested.

I was a bit hesitant to read Your Brain on Joy when it arrived. It is not something I would have typically picked up from the store. (except the cover is beautiful) - but you can't judge a book by the cover right!!

However very quickly into the first 40 pages I realized that the author writes as if he were talking to you, complete with quick sidebars and witty banter.

The books focus is on the help you can get from SPECT brain scanning and counseling to find more joy in your life. However, the author mentions lifestyle changes and natural vitamins that can help you achieve JOY in your brain.

While, like many self help type books, you will only take away from it what you want to at the time of reading, the easy to understand descriptions and writing style that makes for a fast read sets this book apart from many of its counterparts.

I enjoyed the book and am certain that many people will not only benefit by reading it but also enjoy the authors writing styles! It keeps you smiling, even in the darkest moments of the book.

If you or anyone you know could stand to experience more "Joy" in their life, weather they are suffering from ADD, Depression, anger issues or something else, I would pick the book and give it a read. It is a fast read and will definitely add some insight into the issue.


Lindsay said...

This sounds like a very interesting book. I am sure a lot can be learned from it and who doesn't love a book with witty banter!

Courtney said...

Ah Joy --- that's my word for this year. and boy have I had a rough start. but the book definitely sounds interesting.