February 3, 2009

Ooh, that smell, Can't you smell that smell?

Pillsbury cookies and and a nice warm oven;
There’s just one thing in my way.
There's too much smoke and too much Stench
Look what's burning up around here


Ooh, ooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, ooh that smell
The smell of ash surrounds you. Yuck.

Color of darkness is upon you.
Stuck with charcoal in your oven (you, fool, you)
So try not to choke, open another window for your nose,
light candles, fool, get off the net. (heck yeah)

Now they won’t call you Martha.
Can't eat a crumb when its charcoal and dust
Say you'll try again,
but their might not be any left.


Aw, you, fool, you.
They were supposed to be dummy proof
I know I been here before.

One little problem that confronts you,
got a monkey on your back.
Just one more look, Blog, might make you miss.
One hell of a price for you to get your kicks. (hell, yeah)


Ooh, ooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, ooh that smell
The smell of ash surrounds you.

Oh, you, fool, you
Don't cook those too long.
You're just a fool, just a fool, just a fool.


Becky said...

I LOVE that song! Leonard Skinard would be proud! And no way should your throw those away. Just give me three steps, give me three steps mister, and you wont see them no more. They are cooked to perfection!

Grams said...

Something's burning in the oven!!!

Laura said...

Awesome...I burn slice and bake cookies too.
(You have to go to Debbie at Suburban Sanity's blog- it's on my link list...she is a serious meme rebel and she will make you laugh)

whoopsadasie said...

No...I can't smell that! LOL!

Look out..there's a new artist in da Hawse!!

seriouswhimsey said...

Now you've got me dancing to those burned cookies! Yeah!

jen@odbt said...

Oh that stinks. The beauty of those cookies is that you didn't put a whole lot of work into it so I hope you just popped open a new roll or box.

thecasualperfectionist.com said...

Oh no!! My mother-in-law is notorious for burning things in the oven. My hubby said that when they were growing up, the smoke alarm would go off, and his mom would yell, "Dinner's ready!" LOL

Krape Family said...

Love the new v-day hearts...not the cookies. Been there done that for sure. : )