February 13, 2009

When the kids are away -

Wait - the parents aren't playing! We are getting old. We went and grabbed a slab of greese at our favorite NY Pizza joint (Big Bills -did you know that on 9/11 each year he donates all proceeds to the NY Fire Dept and raises like 30k in one day!!) then we came home, I worked on some of cleaning projects - check out my pantry and the mess I made while doing it

Then I crashed into my computer, leaving several things undone that have to be finished tomorrow....
But- Lauren and Hailey are at Grams and Gramps house for the night! They are having fun and I got this great photo from my mom
FEET - this reminds me of the christmas card at Catholic Teacher Musings! and yes I took the time to find her actual post and if you would click over and see it I think you will giggle!
Then Grams sent this picture too, Grandpa is not quite asleep - but if you know him at all, he will be soon! Thanks Grams and Gramps for the night out...even though I am apparently too boring, too old or just too tired to really enjoy it - I love a little time in a quiet house!!!


The Bailey Family said...

Always nice to get some good organizing done...I need to get to my pantry! Love the feet picture...that is so adorable!

jen@odbt said...

That was a lot of work and a lot of cake mix...lol!

The feet picture is adorable. Why do little ones never wear socks? It'll be freezing and my kids are running around barefoot.

Bonnie said...

The feet picture is precious. What wonderful memories your girls will have of their grandparents when they grow up.
I love a quiet house.. don't feel guilty, your priorties just change as you get older and become a Mom.
Sometimes Mark will tell me to take a break and get out of the house alone.. but I really would prefer he and the boys leave for a little while and I have the quiet house to myself..like right now, they are at the rec ctr. It's pure luxury.. as much as we love them it's nice to have time to just think.

Courtney said...

your pantry is stocked! I have no idea what is in mine. Perhaps I should do the same.

meanwhile, I love the feet photo and think we will take our own :) adorable!!!