February 6, 2009

The Month in Arrears Part deux

After a short break to hang with the carny folk on Tuesday, burn some cookies Tuesday night and making Wednesday not so wordless...I am back for The Month in Arrears...so here goes:

Well, crumb - I delayed it again for Banished...life happens - and NOW here goes...

To honor our current trip to the mountains (arrived Wed night) I shall post this Long Lost Post:

With only this much snow (ha ha, this is a ton of snow for December - you can't even hardly see the bridge!!)
And a cute little toddler toy friend from McDonalds to swim with...

The girls were off for a dip in the hot tub. A favorite thing to do in the mountains. Hailey begs and begs and I would do it more often but it is SO cold standing their watching them and my tolerance for being in a hot tubs is only about 10 minutes so I let the girls go for a dip and I stand and freeze and take photos too!

The one thing we did not know, was the Ronald couldn't swim. Come on Ronald what kind of example are you setting for my not yet a fish 3 year old? You gotta swim, I mean I know you were a "free" toy but I have paid and so have my hips so the least you could do is try to swim? Come on Ronald, swim darn it, swim....

Well, in spite of Ronald's lack luster showing in the tub, the perpetual face dives into the water and refusal to come back up, the girls had a blast and loved being in the water, with 4 or 5 feet of snow around them!

And since we arrived back up here last night, I am sure we (they) will hit the tub again soon...I am thinking rubber ducky Hot Tub Party?

(obviously I did not know at the time I wrote this post that we were going down a road of hives and fevers!!) Lauren is ok, her hives came back Thursday night just before Annie started, I ran (literally on foot ran) to the store in the village for Benydryl because we didn't bring it with us to the show and they only had the adult version so Gramps DROVE home and picked up the good stuff and she made it to Annie and through the show. It was a great show. Both girls watched and loved it. I will have to post about the venue up here sometime - it is awesome.


Becky said...

I love the hot tub in the winter... it's just those few freezing seconds before getting in and getting out that keep me away. Brrrrrr!!

jen@odbt said...

That does look inviting even with all the snow.

Glad you all were able to enjoy the show despite the hives.

whoopsadasie said...

Cute pictures...love the hot tube...only don't know if I could in the snow!
Glad to hear the girls like Annie dispite the hives.

The Bailey Family said...

Now that is a TON of snow...man-oh-man! What fun-!

jenjen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is very cute! That hot tub looks wonderful!!!

I love those owls!


Courtney said...

okay, I so want to be in that hot tub. It looks sooo warm and cozy. I love the snow around it.
also, I hope Donald is okay!

meanwhile, I love the new design. so sweet for valentine's. I am definitely out of my fog! Thank you again for all your support. You truly are the best.