February 17, 2009

What I learned this week

It's that time again.

What I learned this week Carnival with Musings of a Housewife - I am not sure if I can keep this up - I might have to switch to the first of Tuesday of each month and do a what I learned last month kind of thing - I don't like the pressure, though I know there is really no pressure because no one will notice if I miss except me, but it is pressure non the less.

This week I learned that I will never be a coupon Queen but it does totally rock to try! I just don't know how the pros do it, but I took a swing at this week and got a 4 pack of toilet paper for FREE, and $32 dollars worth of cleaning supplies from Walgreen's for $8.20. Now seriously - why should I pay full price for stuff when I can get it for next to nothing? Why, because I don't have the skills to seek out all the deals, nor the time to organize my life quite that well, nor the space to stockpile all the stuff I would buy! BUT, I will continue to pay attention to what I can because it is fun to see a reciept that you saved 60% on!

This week I also learned that people really are interested in the meal planning/grocery shopping that I do do (do do, seriously, now couldn't I have come up with a better way to say that?) so I am VOWING - to get it on this blog this week, if it kills me - I promise.

Well, their you have it - nothing profoud, nothing funny, nothing really that interesting at all but that is what I learned this week.


Becky said...

Coupons are great - they are like tiny little treasures that are fun to hunt and clip/print. I have stacks of them - unfortunately they are always somewhere other than with me when I'm at the store.

jen@odbt said...

I like to coupon. It get so giddy when I see the total going down when the coupons are scanned. I'm sure the person behind doesn't appreciate it but hey that's money saved.

The menu planning post sounds interesting. I've tried to no success. I really don't like wondering what's for dinner at 4 in the afternoon.

sarah said...

I hear you on the coupons and the meal planning. I don't post my meals simply because I don't like that pressure but perhaps if I put it on myself to post my week's meals than I would be more intentional in doing it!

On the coupons, I agree that the savings are great when you actually use them. I just don't take the time nearly enough to get that organized. Again, another New Year's Resolution that needs constant reminders!!

You are doing great! Keep joining in the party so we all know what you are doing!

Lindsay said...

Great lessons Terra. I am terrible with coupons. I don't get the newspaper so I am not sure if the cost of the paper would justify any savings I would be making.

I love hearing what others are making to eat each week :-)

Courtney said...

I so am not the coupon queen and really need to start. I even bought a cute little coupon organizer. UGH! I need some serious help in the domestic diva category!

Shannon (muzbeecrazy.com) said...

I am not good with coupons either. I pretend I'm saving money by using the grocery store club cards (although I'm not sure how much that really saves!)

BrandyEllen said...

Great post! I love coupons but rarely have the time to clip them, sort them, etc...maybe I should start doing this to save money with the poor ecomony way it is!


JanMary said...

I am woeful at using coupons before they expire! Although I don't think we get as many coupons here in UK/Ireland as you do.

Hairline Fracture said...

It sounds like you are doing very well with the coupons. I'll never be the one who gets $200 of groceries for free or whatever, but I do price match and use coupons whenever possible and it does make a difference!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I understand feeling pressure with participating in a weekly carnival! I participated two weeks ago, but not last week. I didn't blog much at all last week. I love the feeling of saving money when I coupon, but I usually don't remember to deal with them. I really dislike menu planning, but it makes my week so much easier. The kids enjoy knowing what we're eating for the week.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I wish I was better about couponing. I really need to learn how.

Hey, no pressure! Just hop in when you have something you want to share, and don't worry about the weeks you don't. Of course, I'd like everyone to participate every week but I certainly don't expect that! :-)