February 13, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

Yes, I believe it is! Oh and if you are superstitious it is Friday the 13th too. UGH. My husband wants to see the new Freddy Movie...ICK, maybe, probably have too, don't want to - but I might.

The girls are doing better (daddy too) Hailey is at about 70% and Lauren 80% mom is still hanging tough but I don't know how much longer that will last....been pumping the vitamins this week - wish me luck.

Started a new project in the house today completely by accident and I am so bummed excited about the amount of work I created for myself. You know when you set out to do one tiny thing like re-organize the pantry and it turns into a massive ordeal? Maybe it is just me...but after living here for almost 9 years we apparently had a lot of re-org needed. So I entered the pantry and decided that the blenders and popcorn maker and crock pot did not need to be in there so now I have to make room in the cabinets for them, also decided while I like keep lots of "extras" in the pantry the ones that were not for the kitchen needed to go to the laundry room (bathroom supplies etc) so then I had to make room in the laundry room. Sadly, it was a stop and go day for the project that started out so simple so all I did was finisht the Laundry Room but HEY I finished it - right down to scrubbing the floor and making a list of what I am running low on AND a list of how many of what I will be keeping in stock in their! so I am 1/3 done with the project that started with a simple little pantry and I hoping to do lots more tomorrow.

I am also working on a post about the meal planning/grocery shopping ease I created last fall and love...but it taking me a while - several people have asked for it so I hope to get it up here next week sometime.

In the meantime - we made heart shape sugar cookies last night and I don't have a picture to post, we didn't eat them all yet I am just too lazy to get up and take a picture...sorry. Maybe later.

If you are celebrating Valentines day I hope all your wishes come true! I plan to make a favorite meal, special dessert and present the girls with their valentines in the evening - It might happen.

Boring post. Sorry


Kim H. said...


Organization is NEVER boring! We are soul sisters separated at birth. I totally now want a laminator btw!

Glad the girls are on the mend. And yes, keep pushing your vitamins -- and your water. That's all I'm sayin.

Valentine's Day?....It's going to be weird with Leo gone. Usually we do something like have a nice dinner in -- but since he's not coming home this weekend.... :( I'm a bad wife and didn't even send him some Rold Gold pretzel rods that he asked for.

Have a sticky sweet V-day, kay?!

Alicia said...

I just did the same thing a couple weekends ago! I started with cleaning out under all the bathroom sinks ~ seems everything gets thrown under there. Then, had to clean out the medicine closet to make room room for some of the stuff that should have gone there...it was a whole day project!!!

How did Lauren's project presentation go?

Cheryl Lage said...

Ooof. You shame me. I have three drawers (throughout the house) packed to the gills with cr*p.

Hmm....maybe I have a Valentine's Day project....

Courtney said...

so glad to hear everyone is getting better. And please post your meal plan. You, out of everyone, could probably motivate me the most to do create a mean plan. I just can not start it and we really need it!

jenjen said...

Hi Terra! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. It's so funny - I totally cleaned out my pantry this week too. I think it was Tuesday. It took me forever!!! But doesn't it feel so good now that it's done?

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!


The Blonde Duck said...

I hate Friday the 13th. I'm so superstitious.

jen@odbt said...

Wanna come over and organize my craft room? It's been sitting in disarray for a while now and it's overwhelming. Good for you getting stuff done. Have a great valentines weekend and hopefully the girls will be 100% very soon.

Bonnie said...

I don't know where you find the energy, but I know what you mean about starting one thing and then that opens up into another. I have a list of things to organize and declutter.. right now I'm working on organizing my recipes. I have been trying to do the month out shopping and buying all the staples. I know that was part of your plan but would love to hear more..

Allison said...

First off, good luck with the reorganization project.

Secondly, glad the girls are better.

Third, I would love to hear about the meal planning/grocery shopping. I need that help.

Speaking of help...I saw on Jen's (Our Daily BigTop) blog that you helped her with a label cloud...will you help me with that too? Isn't she sweet. I've enjoyed her bloggy love (as I have yours).

Lastly, enjoy your valentine's with your loved ones. Hubby and I are going out to dinner while the visiting in-laws watch the kids.

the mama bird diaries said...

I didn't even know it was fri the 13th until i read your post. I guess I'm not superstitious.