February 25, 2009

Blogger Fever

Have your kids ever looked at you, with your camera, and said "are you gonna put this on the blog?"

Have you ever pulled over just to write yourself a note so you don't forget to blog about what just happened or your latest brilliant random, boring thought?

Do you keep a running list of things your kids or husband or other unknown persons have done wrong by you so you can write about those instances as well?

Or maybe your draft folder is overflowing with unfinished posts?

Do you sort your photos according to weather or not they will make the blog?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking "Shoot I forgot to blog about that" or Today is Wednesday and I don't have my post up yet?

Do you have a special system devised for reading your favorite blogs?

Do you love to see a new follower, a new commenter or just more comments than you usually get?
Well, on this my blogger-versary (yes my friends, today is my one year anniversary in bloggy land) - I confess: I have blogger fever and I DO, I HAVE and I will probably continue to DO all of the above! But I can say with huge confidence that the following has NEVER happened to me (at least not yet)


You have to read it - the whole thing -it is SO worth it - I promise

I thought about surfing my own blog to pick my top ten favorite posts to share, I thought about making a list of the top 10 gifts I would LOVE to receive for my blogger-versary, I thought about posting the top ten things I have learned as a blogger and I even considered listing my top ten favorite blogs in honor of my big day.

Guess which one won? You got it, I am a humble selfish, needy little blogger gal and here is my 10 ten in honor of One Year

1. I learned that it is impossible for me not to care for and send my heart out to total and complete strangers whose strength during a very difficult time is beyond belief.

2. I have learned how to create and execute HTML code, Design blogs, modify templates to meet my needs (and those of my friends), and in general have become even more of a self proclaimed GEEK than I used to be.

3. I have learned that I can shamelessly beg for items like this

Because on the off chance the blogger fairy or elf happen to be reading, I just might get it - remember my double vision?

4. I have learned that I write more about all the fun, positive things that happen around here than I do the icky, stinky ones (though I write about those too - remember Busted?)

5. I have learned that even in bloggy land I gravitate to people who think, act and write similar to the way I do...I don't have to meet you -I already know you.

6. I have learned that people like Laura and Jenni have a way of just flat out "making my day" simply by reading their daily posts.

7. I learned that launching a second blog for book reviews and having HUGE aspirations for it is fun, exciting, humbling, scary and downright COOL!!

8. I learned that I can only resist temptation for so long and eventually I will cave. Just as I did with my I-POD I got for my birthday 4 years ago and just started using last year. I have vehemently blasted Twitter for months and yes...I caved - on the advice of my brother I have signed up (little brother I might add)
Twitter Button from twitbuttons.com

please don't leave me hanging out on a limb (ha ha)

9. I have learned that their really is no better way to chronicle all your memories in one place and hopefully pass them on to your children someday than a blog printed to a book and maybe they will even read them (after they have kids of their own and are pulling their own hair out one gray strand at a time) - I haven't done it yet, but I have started the process and can't wait!!!

10. AND finally I have learned that I can do all the things in Pondered in just one top ten list! So there you have it, a couple of my favorite posts, a couple of my favorite blogs, a gift I would not turn down, a shameless plug for my "other" blog and top ten list for my blogger-versary!

Oh, and by the way - I got to change the TP roll again last night, possibly on purpose - I am guessing that "he who would rather not be named" read the blog yesterday!


Laura said...

Congratulations on your special day.
I'm sure there were times when you were thinking of throwing in the towel (laptop) and I am so glad you didn't.
Your blog is taking off and your book review blog is a terrific idea.
Hope your day is a great one.

Becky said...

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! You are certainly my blog fairy and mentor! I raise my sippy cup of diet cola and toast to you!

jen@odbt said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...LOL! Happy Bloggiversary!

You are a great blogger and have been so helpful to me. Keep on bloggin' girlfriend. Cheers!

Jen said...

I would have to answer "yes" to most of those...except my husband is the one who asks "are you going to put this on your blog?" rather than my kids.

I'm a new reader so I haven't shared in much of your 1st year, but I'm definitely looking forward to your second. Happy Blog-iversary!

Allison said...

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!! Great list...I am on my way over to read that link...and I am now following you on twitter (I am Tiggsntx)!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Happy Anniversary, Terra!!!

Grams said...

Happy Blog Anniversary. I look at the blog first thing in the a.m. Of course, I love to read your ramblings - but the best part for me is seeing the faces of those two bright eyed, beautiful granddaughters' pictures. It took you four years for the IPOD, but how about that watch :) Okay, already, I'll "surprise" you on your birthday with the itty bitty laptop. You deserve it!

Terra said...

Grams (AKA MY MOM) watch what watch? Oh you mean the rolex I am still not wearing?? Sorry.

thecasualperfectionist.com said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Are you going to use Blurb to do your publishing? I self-published a book of the blog using them, and I was impressed:


Beth said...

Happy Blogaversary Terra! I can't believe that I just typed that. A year ago if anyone had asked me what a blog was I would not have known. And If anyone told me I would be wishing people happy blogaversary I might have laughed. But I am thanks to you. I always enjoy a visit to your blog! By the way I wonder when the words blog and blogaversary will reach the dictionary?

Lori said...

I'm so glad to visit you on your blogoversary! Sending you virtual cake with a candle. Congrats!

Thanks so much for the shout out.

I answered "yes" to waaaay to many of your questions. And I think we also share TP tube issues ;-)

Courtney said...

happy anniversary!!! I love your blog and happy you have the fever (which means you'll keep up with all the great posts!).

cheers :)

BrandyEllen said...

Happy Anniversary! How exciting! I have to wait til December for mine :-) I do the same thing with blogging around here... everyone knows our family time is "fair game" for my blog! LOL


Lindsay said...

Happy Blogoversary :-)

jenjen said...

Happy anniversary Terra! I am so glad I found your blog. You are such a sweet person - I always feel better having been over here for a visit!


Lori said...

P.S. I just followed you on Twitter ("BestLight"). I'm teaching Casual Perfectionist the ropes and would be happy to answer any of your tweestions as well ;-)

Bonnie said...

Congrats Terra! You got me started shortly after you started so I should check my anniversary, should be coming up! I don't know much about Twitter but I will check it out.

Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment - I'm looking forward to getting to know you via your blog. We've already got the 2 daughters and bird-themed blog design in common! Happy anniversary!

Candi said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Your blog is the best! I feel like you mentioned...that I tend to gravitate towards bloggers that are like me and people who I know I would be friends with in real life. I also picture you smiling all the time. Your blog feels HAPPY! Love that!

Woman Interrupted said...

Happy Blog Birthday! And I answered yes, yes, yes...this blogging gets into your subconscious, doesn't it? Its the one thing I do that is just for me.

You're even writing code??? I am impressed!

Paige said...

I too changed the toilet paper this morning, and of course I thought of you. I'm reading your most recent three posts and my youngest is standing here reminding me its time for her to go to bed, but I can't seem to walk away from you posts. Guess I'd better listen to her and wish her sweet dreams, but know I'm enjoying everythign you have to say.