February 5, 2009

Digital Mom?

My brother sent me this link http://digitalmom.razorfish.com/publication/?m=4248&l=1 a couple days ago and while I found the actual article VERY difficult to read online I was intrigued so I downloaded the PDF and ultimately printed it because it is a very large file and was also hard to read in PDF format. (as of post time I could not pull the article back up via that link)

Do I have all excited yet? (HA HA) - Anyway the article was really pretty good, and it had a lot of insight about Moms and what companies should be realizing with their marketing plans.

I found the article both informative and entertaining (in a sarcastic sort of way)

For example - On page 5 it begins by discussing a Nielsen NetRatings study done to answer a few targeted questions about moms and marketing. The end result and I quote "What we found was that moms are the ultimate multi-taskers"


The story goes on to say that the MAJORITY of moms us social network sites, text messages, gaming and instant messaging to connect digitally. The MAINSTREAM mom as they call her, fits most of us as they claim we use all of the above plus online video, consumer reviews, BLOGS and DVR/Tivo then they have a NICHE mom too, this mom also video or podcasts and uses mobile browsing. I personally fall into the Majority, Mainstream with a tad of Niche category. If you ask the article that is because of my age. You see I am on the cusp of being considered likely to fit in the Niche group.

The article goes on to talk about how important moms are to marketing, how marketing can better reach these three categories of moms and goes on to group us further into the following categories

The Self Expressor
The Utility Mom
The Groupster
The Infoseeker
The Hyperconnector

It also details good marketing strategies to reach and engage each segment while leveraging moms use of digital networks. I don't fit "neatly" into any of their groupings above...so I must be the ever present Digital Mom Rebel.

I could go on for hours about this article, what was good, what was bad and what was DUH...but my bottom line is I am proud to be a digital mom, they are RIGHT in most aspects of what their study shows and if you have a few minutes I loaded the article here so maybe it will be easier for you to access and read (you still might want to print it)! I hope my link works!

Enjoy reading about yourself and stop back by and let me know what you learned.

and if your still with me, check out the wonderful night we had last night, below...


Terra said...

I am told that "my" link does not work well, but that you should be able to use the first link. If you can't let me know and I can zip it to you via email

Grams said...

Since I was a witness to last night's events, no need to comment there! Except, you do a great job at getting Lauren to calm when 'stuff' is going on!

Writing to say I just noticed the cute Hearts above your owls for Valentines :)

Bonnie said...

Too tired to wrap my mind around this tonight but will later. I also noticed the hearts today. Love them!

Becky said...

(On Lord, I hope there's not a quiz)