February 23, 2009

What I learned this week

What I learned this week (Hosted by Musings of a Housewife)

I learned a lot this week some good, some funny and some just plain annoying!

A bit funny and yet totally annoying:

1. Because I am a mom, I will always get the last 5 squares of TP and have to change the roll

2. Because I am a mom, I will always take the last tissue (neatly shoved back in the box) have to get a new box.

3. Because I am a mom, I will always get to rub cream on areas of my daughters body I would rather not because their #2's were a bit stubborn and left them a little sore

Things I learned that I am happy about:
1. I can design blogs for blogger and I do love doing it!

2. I can launch a new Book Review Blog and people might actually enjoy it as much as I am enjoying doing it

3. When my 3 year skips her nap she can go to bed before 6:30 and sleep til 6:30 am (sans blanky that has been gone about a month now)

Just Plain Annoying:

1. Even if I do read every word sent home from school, more than once, I will never be informed because information from our little school is limited and cryptic at best

2. When your kids run out antibiotics before the 10 days is up this can never be a good thing - you will definitely be back at the Dr. for more within 3 days.

3. That giant blogher ad. How do I really feel about it?


Krape Family said...

Okay, can I say I know exactly where you are at for the first #1-#2!!!!!!!

jenjen said...

Terra - great list! You make me laugh! Isn't it crazy being the mom sometimes???


sarah said...

You are such an awesome mom! Tell me more about your book review blog.

We ran out to TP this week too. Gotta love it.

jen@odbt said...

Your first 3 are hilarious and sound very familiar. The best part about #1 is inevitably there will be a good chance that there is no extra TP in the bathroom when needed. LOL! Love that about the sleeping - that rocks! We're headed to the DR this morning for hopefully some meds for my daughter who's had a "cold" since before xmas. If they tell me it's a cold again, I'm going to scream!

Shannon (muzbeecrazy.com) said...

I can totally relate to your first three. I was nodding my head in agreement! And I have to tell you, I love the graphic for your review blog with the woman sitting in the bed. Too cute...

Lindsay said...

oo such nice things moms get to do.. The job is def. not glamorous but it has some amazing perks!

BrandyEllen said...

I hear you on a lot of your points, the TP and the running out of antibiotics is certainly something I can relate to best most recently!

I am stuck home now with a baby who if I had not brought him to pediatricians yesterday he may have ended up in ER with pnemonia. He is on meds and nebulizer due to Viral induced asthma...my poor lil guy!

Chat with you soon, did u check out my new WP home?


Bonnie said...

LOL! I hear you sister! I can relate. It's funny how as Mom's we do things for our kids we would never do for anyone else.

One More Equals Four said...

Why is it that only a mom can replace the TP? It really is one of life's greater mysteries!

Allison said...

Great list...and I totally agree with 1-3!

Very cool that you can now design blogs! That must be fun.

Also, great job on your first book review. I'm sorry I didn't comment on it, but I already have that book! It is a good one.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Great list! I'll have to check out your book review!

Courtney said...

cracking up at the tissues and TP.

that is one big ad!

Laura said...

I wouldn't have noticed it (the ad)if you didn't point it out.
The toilet paper thing...I want to yell at someone when that happens to me, but then I remember oh...I'm the only one that uses this bathroom.

thecasualperfectionist.com said...

It's really funny that you mention the TP because just today I had to have Claire go to the main bathroom and get a new roll for me...and she did! It's about time this 3-yr old starts earning her keep! LOL!

And, I wasn't annoyed by the ad...I'm so used to seeing them, that it didn't seem out of place at all!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I was just saying this today. I got a note (from school!) to save the toilet paper and paper towel roles. Now I was going to remind my family of this until I remembered they will never actually change them and wait for me to do it. So, I can collect all I want without worry they will be thrown away.

Great list!!!

Musings of a Housewife said...

LOL. That is a lot.

Hey, try the Blogger ad for a few months. If it's not making enough money to be worth the space on your side bar, you can always take it down. There's no commitment on your part! :-)

And yeah, the #2 thing - I will be SO glad when the only butt I have to wipe is my own. I fear there will never come a day. Sigh...

Lori said...

I love the "because I'm a mom..." items! I might have to "borrow" that someday... I'm also interested in ads on blogs - do they make money and how to readers respond? Great post!