October 24, 2008

Wishing for a Kindel?

If you have been looming in the background, wishing, wanting, waiting for a Kindle! Now is the time! For 7 days only you can get your Kindle for $50 less than everyone else! Thanks to Oprah!

You all know I love my Kindle. It takes some getting used to ( I call it the 2 week break in period) - there are some things that you will miss about "books" and there are some books that you will likely still want to own in hard copy BUT....Nothing beats the Kindle! I read more, I read faster, I read comfortably I read!

Finish a book at midnight? Can't sleep, click on the Kindle wireless and buy a new one!
Too tired to hold your book but your at the best part? Prop your kindle up and read away!
It is small, it is lite - carry 1 Kindle on the plane rather than packing 2 or 3 books!
You can GOOGLE
You can get EMAIL
You can ask questions via NOW NOW and get answers in 10 minutes
You can listen to music while you read
Subscribe to newspapers, magazines, BLOGS!!!!

I am telling you nothing beats the Kindle!

Ok...sales pitch done. Coupon Code: OPRAHWINFREY - 7 days only!!!!


L'il Dog Foo said...

Ohhhh I am sooo tempted! At Amazon, right?

m.slingerlend said...

I love my Kindel, too! Best thing ever.

Becky said...

We are now blog sisters! Thanks for all your help!!!

Grams said...
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Grams said...
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