October 21, 2008

This is what happens when

This is what happens when Big Sister helps Little Sister create a Christmas list:

Little sister wanted a radio for her room and Pink Retro phone from American Girl....

Little sister now wants, a pair of flowery clogs, an American Girl Just like You doll, Table and Lamp set, Snuggly snow pj's, toasty pink boots, 5 outfits for the bitty twins, a diaper bag, a ballet barre, spinny dresses, build a bear, Sleeping Beauty Movie,

The funniest part? Big sister only had 5 things on her own list.

Is it too early to start telling them that Santa is watching?

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L'il Dog Foo said...

Lauren could hire out as a consultant! Set up a little office at school and charge the kids 10 percent of their Xmas gifts.