October 8, 2008

Sisters sharing, How Sweet!

A quote from perhaps my favorite friend after I told her Lauren was starting to run a fever and her teacher was going to think I was liar (more in a minute) Becky says "Sisters sharing - how sweet!" this because Hailey was Sick all weekend...started with a fever. Sharing. HA! Thanks Beck, I needed that big smile that rolled across my aging face!

So anyway...this afternoon I made a fairly strong case for wanting to pull Lauren out of school a little early tomorrow so we could get up to the mountains before dark! Now, when (if) I call her in sick in the morning, her teacher is going to be thinking "yeah right, mom just wanted to get to the mountains before breakfast" ARGH. Thank goodness for Queen Becky who will relay the message in its entirety and let dear teacher know that mom is not a total flakey, irresponsible parent...just has really crappy luck when it comes to trips to the mountains (one of the children ALWAYS gets sick and I mean ALWAYS) Urgent Care in Avon has more of our money than their pediatrician does. It is nuts.

Lauren will cry if she can't go to school in the morning and that will be a big drag too...who cries when they can't go to school? Lauren. That’s who. We are going to wait and see how the night goes - the fever is just at 100.2 and well...it could just go away right?

Hmpf. I will update in the morning!

She is fever free! All Morning...Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to school we go! Usually I follow the 24 hour rule but I think in this case it is best to just let her go...

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L'il Dog Foo said...

Ha! Flattery will get you everywhere! I hope L is feeling better this morning, but if not, have some Kleenex ready. I'm glad she loves school so much, what a sweetie!