October 10, 2008

Gone Fishing

The girls (mostly Hailey) have been wanting to fish for weeks. We really have no idea why...Hailey had it all thought out how she was going to fish, where she was going to fish, what she was going to sit on, and what to do with the fish she thought she would catch...Grandpa bought fishing poles and we went fishing. After we got the past the fear of the river, finding a safe place to stand, the fear of the fishing pole itself all was great! It was a beautiful day, we were close to home, the market was down 1000 points and we were hoping to catch dinner (NOT!).

If you can't see the video click here

We didn't catch anything (surprise - surprise) we couldn't even see fish in the pond...however, several hours later they could be spotted jumping in the pond so there are fish...we may try again tomorrow.

Moving on - the girls went to dinner with Grams and Gramps and Brad and Anna while I stayed home - took a shower, made a fishing movie, heard funny noises in the house and just had time to be...BUT before they went I wanted some pictures of the beautiful girls...(kind of a dry run for tomorrow when I try to get the "Christmas card" picture...Well, I think it is me...but I can NOT ever get them to cooperate...this is what happens when I want a good photo of the two girls together

Lauren could you focus on the camera please?

Ok, now that is just goofy

Hello, do you have anything to smile about?

Now what was that all about?

I did end up with these two pictures

But they were not exactly what I was looking for either...Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow!


L'il Dog Foo said...

I am cracking up picturing you trying to get a decent picture of both girls, at the same time, and seeing the results. Kinda like nailing Jello to a tree. Your comments have me ROTF!!!

Great fishing pics, though, and a really fun song!

The Bailey Family said...

Fishing sounds much more peaceful than watching the market crash everyday –it will bottom out eventually… I hope!

Your girls look like fishing pros!!

Alicia said...

I CAN'T SEE YOUR PICS! AAAHHHHH! I want to see them, I tried to see them...but I am just getting a big X where the picture should be! What format are you using?

Bonnie said...

I love the pink fishing pole! Grandpa looks so patient, but who could resist those darling girls.

I have to find out how you do those cool videos.

I know the feeling of trying to get a good picture with 2 kids at the same time.. I usually have to surprise them...

Terra said...

Alicia I don't why you can't see them, I am not doing anything different. just pulling them from Picasa...everyone else can see them?????

Musings of a Housewife said...

Wow, your girls are GORGEOUS. :-)