October 18, 2008

If the snow wont fall

I am a winter girl, I love the snow - I dream of the days that my girls will be old enough that I can have lazy winter days in front of the fire place with a cup of hot cocoa and my kindel and just watch it snow. Winter used to arrive a little earlier here in Colorado - or at least a teaser for winter. We would often get our first snow in September and if not then, then in early October. The past several years though, Old Man Winter has been taking his time arriving in Denver.

So what do you do when it wont snow?

Make your own! Compliments of Steve Spangler Science!

The girls had a blast and we really didn't even make that much. Now, I will admit the snow like substance left a lot to be desired - It was not cold, it wouldn't make a snowman, and it felt funny in your hands...BUT it looked like snow and the girls had fun and that is all that matters.

So as the weather is predicted to be in the high 70's this weekend...All I can do is enjoy these pictures of the fake snow and keep waiting for the real stuff to arrive!


Bonnie said...

you are such an adventurous mom! I should do more of this stuff with the boys, they would love it. How do you find the time and energy??

Mommie Blogs said...

what a great idea... can not believe it was in the 70s over there. we had a chilly weekend in Philly.

P.S. those princess are beautiful!