October 2, 2008

Thursday and nothing else

Not much to talk about today but I am dieing to see how the email subscription works so I feel an overwhelming urge to post anyway!

Lauren has a half day today. I am picking her up at noon and we are playing hookie from one of the many rediculous field trips her class will be taking this year. She was invited to join an after school advanced French class this year. She can not attend because her ballet gets in the way but the teacher is fantastic and is letting Lauren participate on an independant basis. Hopefully after Nutcracker we can change her schedule a little bit and she can attend this class in January. I think she likes the independant work but there are also advantages to learning with a group!

Hailey is doing fantastic at school these days. She come almost full circle for the morning drop offs. She is still a little leary but has dropped the drama and we leave without hearing her scream! She is doing wonderful with writing her letters and numbers and frankly I am impressed. Lauren was a little bit ahead of her in this department at this age but not much and there focus is so different I am a little surprised Hailey is doing it. But she is and she is doing great.

Hailey is not doing so fantastic at sleeping - at least not last night. Honestly I think we need to track back to the poop story on this one. Ever since she had smurf poop she has been leary of pooping. And unfortunately she had smurf poop twice, once after the monster cookies at school and once after Grandma's birthday cake that had some blue icing on it. Well anyway, last night I headed off to bed at 8:30 (yes 8:30) only to still be awake at 11:00 because Miss. Hailey had to go potty, wouldn't go potty and didn't want to sleep. That was a big bummer. She did eventually doze off (they always do) and I read a little more of my book and dozed off myself!

and to end the post I add a picture of Lauren acting a bit goofy in a new outfit she had to try on! I LOVE the outfit...but am hoping to get a better picture of it when the weather finally cools down and she wears it to school!

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m.slingerlend said...

The outfit is cute on. I didn't get an email alerting that you had posted.