October 5, 2008

Train Wreck

Football Sunday? Love it. Ha. A whole day of football, mostly teams I don't care about...I like it when the games are close but that is about it. So I set out to keep us (the girlies) busy today...

First the girls painted pumpkins - you know the little ones they call gourds at the grocery store. They were cute. Do you think I would have thought to take pictures of this? NO...and I should have because that about the best part of the day...no fighting, no whining just pumpkins and paint! Cute.

Then we set up a bunch of the playmobil stuff out up in the playroom. Not all of it but a fair amount. They played for 15 minutes. Count em 15. It took longer to set it all out. Apparently today was NOT a playmobil day.

Next we browsed the net for some cute cake ideas. We were going to bake. Hmpf. We settled on this super cute train cake from Betty Crocker (Because no-ones bakes from scratch anymore do they?) we decided to adapt it a little to meet MY needs...and instead of using loaf pans we were going to use the multi mini loaf pan (don't know what you call it but it is like a muffin pan but has loaf shapes instead)

Bear with me...I could not find a good way to make this short...

We did very well in the beginning, both girls working together

Then came our first train wreck...The first batch...I guess we filled the loaf thingies a little too much...starting to look more like a cake a little less like train cars.

so we moved on...to batch number 2 - it went better. The girls had fun goofing off with the camera and the train cars blew up like Volkswagen Beatles but did not run together so bad...

BUT...all good things must come to an end...we went to the library (Lauren got the book she wanted!!) and then came home to frost our "fully cooled" train cars. I got them ready (trimmed, sliced and somewhat shaped like rectangles again) and began frosting my fingers, I mean the cars. The girls set up all kinds of candy on the table for decorating the cars...and KABOOM - Train Wreck.

One needed help with everything and I was still frosting my fingers ( I mean the cars) the other didn't want to help the poor little one because she had her own agenda (who Lauren, couldn't be! HA HA) Hailey whines, Lauren stomps, Hailey whines some more, Lauren stomps around some more...MOM throws the little snowman frosting Knife in the sink and says FORGET it...here is what we ended up with

And the best part, the proudest mommy moment of the day, the cats meow, the real pooper...When I was rinsing everything off and hit the garbage disposal button what do I hear? CRUNCH, KLANK, CRUNCHLE, KRANKLE...AHHHHHH. Turn it off...what is that?

Step 1. Cringe

Step 2. Tell Hubby your certain it is nothing bad

Step 3. Cringe

Step 4. Reach hand in garbage disposal

Step 5. Cringe, Gag, Wish you hadn't done step 4

Step 6. Pull out first handfull of busted snowman frosting knife

Step 7. Listen to those around you tell you that you shouldn't have thrown your little proud mommy moment tantrum...

Step 8. Let it go out the other ear

Step 9. Repeat steps 4 throuh 6 at least a dozen times

Step 10. Cringe, test disposal and MOVE ON


L'il Dog Foo said...

The little slide shows are a lot of fun to watch. Love the one of Haily with her hands over her ears. The cars look pretty yummy, too.

Ohhhhh - that crunch crunch sound when flipping on the garbage D. Know it well - makes me cringe thinking about it.

Bonnie said...

You get an A+++ for effort! I'm impressed you had the initiative to do the train cake! I think I would have been overwhelmed from the start..cute idea. They (the girls) will appreciate your efforts some day, I promise.

m.slingerlend said...

I am so laughing at you my #1 daughter! Never doubt that you deserve the "mother of year" award everyday - you are a great mother, tantrums or not!!!
My biggest joy in life is watching you be a parent.

Terra said...

LMAO at my moms comment. I think I am supposed to feel joy but nope I am ready to pee my pants laughing!!!