October 16, 2008

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking when the vacuum wasn't working well and I thought it needed to be cleaned?

I was thinking I could take the whole thing apart, use the air compressor and blow all the nasties out. That is what I was thinking...when over an hour later (and help from daddy) I thought to myself..."Hmmm, I wonder about the roller brushy thing on the bottom" so I pull the freshly blown out vacuum out of the closet again to turn it upside down and EWWWWW. OMG there was so much hair wrapped around the roller brushy thing you couldn't even see the roller brushy thing - no wonder it wasn't picking the big things up anymore! It was just skating right over them on a smooth bed of hair. So I set out to give the Dyson a Hair Cut.

45 minutes, gross dusty fingers and a bag full of nasty girly hair later...The Dyson is like new again...so what do I do? I vacuum. Dirty it all up and wait to repeat the process again in a couple years.

What was I thinking when I set out to make my own Christmas Cards?

I was thinking that even though I never had a single artsy fartsy bone in my body with the help of Archivers I could do anything.

That is what I was thinking...When 3 trips to the store, 2 color choice replacements, a very sore shoulder from the stupid little rub off things that come with Popsicle sticks, a little help from Lauren and yet - still I sit here defeated...staring at a really pitiful effort at card making wondering what on earth I will do with all the supplies?

What was I thinking when I decided to blog about what I was thinking?

I was thinking that if I wrote it all down perhaps it would make it all better? Perhaps the Christmas cards would magically get done and look just the way I wanted them to. That is what I was thinking.

When 10 minutes later I sat typing on the computer thinking I should probably end my pity party, pick something better to do and move on.

So for now, I am moving on. Archivers and I have a date tomorrow at 9:30 to find out if I can salvage this mess, the Dyson is still working well, and now I will blog about the things you care about - Lauren and Hailey and all their adventures!

Thanks for playing,

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L'il Dog Foo said...

I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who has long term, intimate relationships with vacuum cleaners.

Love your funny stories... about ALL the Emerson girls!! Can't wait to see the Xmas cards and very proud of you for venturing away from the Sony. I bet they are cute and clever! Go girl!