October 4, 2008

Mother of the Year Again

I will never win that award. I have many not so proud mommy moments that I could share but the latest is all I have for now...So Hailey went to school yesterday and came home with 102 fever. By 4pm it was up to 104 by 5pm she was in bed asleep at 8pm I roused her for more Tylenol at 3am I woke wondering how she was...got up, worked on the computer while listening to her breathing in the monitor - at 5am she is still sleeping and I am just flat out thankful, no longer wondering how she is just glad she is still asleep (12 hours later)!

I suppose at this point she must be fine and really catching up on her sleep - and I really am not ready to have a little one bless my day, not yet anyway...

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