October 25, 2008

Hailey surprisingly Shy

Where did this come from?

I don't really know how to explain it and yet I know all kids go through shy stages but Hailey has always been our spotlight seeker. With a need to be the center of attention she chimes in on conversations she has no idea about, she repeats what others say and makes up her own versions. She tells tall tales about what happened at school to match Lauren's stories and overall just craves the attention of others.

Until recently. When she started burying her head in my shoulder each time someone tries to talk to her, grabs my leg and wants "up" if we have to walk by strangers, refused to bring a toy or book to school to share during her "star of the week" last week and literally shutters (like you do when you get a chill) when she is demonstrating her shyness.

There are two ways I can look at this:

1. She is going through a toddler stage and really does want to hold on her to mommy a little longer before she takes more control of her little life...


2. This is yet another way to remain the center of attention. I mean of course when she is being shy people keep talking to her, "Hailey, what's the matter don't you want to come play" etc. Then she shudders and they say "oh poor thing..." So wow, she gets a lot of attention though it appears she doesn't want it.

I am going with Number 2. I think this sweet little innocent toddler knows exactly what she is doing and is enjoying every minute of it. I think she should be an actress someday (not really) because her ability to fool those around her is really quite a skill!

I am certain "this too shall pass" and I am certain I will be very sad when it does (part me loves cuddling her when she is "shy" while the other part wants to just say "get down and go play you little booger" but for now...

Hailey is being shy.

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Bonnie said...

Trust me, little Hailey is way too smart not to have a method to her madness.. haha Good luck Mom!