October 21, 2008

Art Project

Last week Lauren had to do a fall art project for the school Auction. Each class has to something. In our case one of the moms is taking the art and turning it into a quilt to put up for auction. She also decided she might do an individual project and turn each child's art into cards for Thanksgiving...because we all send out Thanksgiving cards don't we? But they would be fun, and they wouldn't have to be Happy Thanksgiving Cards - they could be thank you or I miss you notes...so I actually think it is a good idea and since someone like me is more likely to purchase a bundle of cards with my child's artwork on it over a giant quilt with the whole classes artwork on it (that I have no place in my to put) I actually encouraged and even offered to help with the cards if need be...

Lauren had an unfair advantage over her classmates because we played a little hook on the afternoon they were painting at school and headed out for the Mountains at 2:00 - so she got to do hers at home!! The instructions were - Water Colors (The real ones not the crayola in a tray kind) not very much black, Fall theme, whole page colored, one large item in the middle.

Lauren decides right away that she wants to paint a cornucopia - a cornu-u-what? Are you kidding me? That is no easy task...so we got out the paints, the proper paper, some scratch paper and set up the kitchen art studio (ha ha). Lauren drew 3 rough drafts of her cornucopia...count them 1,2,3. Then she painted the paper, drew on the paper and set off to paint it. Stupid mommy did not get a picture of the final product - but I will when we get it back or buy the cards!!!


Painting the background

Creating second draft of cornucopia

(removing detail so it can be painted in)

Penciling the cornucopia onto the background

The innards are painted starting on the actual cornucopia

Close up...

Hailey was painting too! This picture actually turned out pretty. When I update the post with the final product for school I will add one of this too!


L'il Dog Foo said...

Greeting cards! What a great idea for a class project! Lauren's cornu... corna.... basket of veggies is darling. Hailie's looks great too. This is getting the idea generator working overtime.

m.slingerlend said...

So familiar! You used to help Brad with his list every year! Funny how his list sometimes had things you wanted on it!! You were so enterprising.

L'il Dog Foo said...

I saw the finished blanket today - it is BEAUTIFUL!!