October 5, 2008

Belly Aches, Nutcrackers and Sunshine

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey...Poor little thing. She hasn't been feeling well since Friday. Hailey does not succumb to being sick very easily. She plugs right along as if all were fine until she hits a wall (usually when her fever gets high) - this little bug she has thrown her for a loop though. She continues to want to play and have fun but she keeps getting pains in her tum tum and occasionally complains that her eye hurts (the left one). Her symptoms are really just fever and congestion...but if she keeps complaining about these other two ailments we will have to see the Dr. tomorrow. She is sleeping well so I am sure she is fine! Yesterday while complaining of eye pain Lauren says "I wonder what is wrong with her eye? She doesn't have a black eye and I don't know what pink eye looks like but..." to which Hailey replies - "I don't have pink eye my eyes are blue" - I thought that was very cute!!!

Lauren got to try on one of her Nutcracker Costumes yesterday (and dance in it briefly) Of course this Mother of the year did not have her camera with her - thank goodness for my Blackberry! Poor Lauren though...she just can't ever get kids out of her space...she had up to 3 girls at any given moment trying to help her get her costume on after we got home she says "Chloe tried to help me get my pants on, my pants mom" "I told her I could do it but..." I don't know what it is about Lauren but kids just can't stay out of her space!

Six little Bon Bons and 1 costume lady!

Hmm...this looks interesting

Chloe lends a hand?

Looks good from the rear, Lauren turn around please!

Thank you! I wanted a front picture!

SO, maybe I need to wear my camera around my neck like a tourist and show up to each practice armed with a device that will actually capture a decent photo of my daughter gearing up for the nutcracker!! I don't know...maybe at dress rehearsals!

Anyway, when I went to remove these very blurry photos from the phone I stumbled upon some photos from our last trip to Beaver Creek that I forgot I took. The first two feature a little baby deer...cute!

And finally...I love this scenic shot...makes you wonder though...why when taking pictures with the phone do the ones of the good things like the deer and of course my daughter have to turn out so grainy and gross and yet this one is ready for a frame? Couldn't be operator error could it? Nahhhh.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Ours will be full of football, Basement organizing, Laundry and Spelling homework (oh and probably tummy aches and fevers too)


L'il Dog Foo said...

Little dancing bon bons - totally cute! Poor Hailey - I hope she's feeling better. Poor Mommy - too little sleep.

Great shots of the little deer and mountains.

Krape Family said...

I hope Hailey is feeling better.