November 16, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Or was that song Monday Monday? I don't know, but I do know Thanksgiving is just 10 or 11 days till Thanksgiving! Grandma Mary is coming and we are all very excited! The girls are almost giddy to have someone else around other than grumpy old mom and dad.

He "who shall remain nameless" is planning to put up our Christmas lights today (we won't turn them on yet but if we don't get them up it will start to snow and they won't make it up)

I need to make a final grocery list - I have been picking up things along the way and my butlers pantry now looks like this, clear all the Christmas gifts out of the guest room, clean off my counter (the one I am sitting at now) and manage to keep it that way for while, place a scrip order for school, sew tutus for Nutcracker (more later), stock the fridge in the basement oh - this list could go on for ever but I will stop here, Pause and take a moment to say YAHOO, someone else is cleaning my house on Friday! Now, that is just plain fabulous.

The girls have been mighty feisty lately, the time change, countdown to Christmas, impending substitute teacher for 8 weeks, Nutcracker anxiety all seem to have things in disarray - but we will live.

Last night my friend Bonnie was struggling to find words for a blog post, but wanted to post so I suggested she do a "what I learned this week" I love what she wrote and I must use my own idea sometime. Stop by and see her and her lovely family, comments are always appreciated.

I have said so much, yet so little here. I think I should stop now but I have to mention Hailey's Moment from yesterday. Little spitfire and I are having a chat in the car about listening and doing as were told, not exactly a June Cleaver moment but I told Hailey it would makes things easier if she just said "OK Mom" instead of whining all the time - to which she replies "I don't know how to say OK mom..." So I say in my best duh voice "You just did" and she replied "Oh, I surely do know how to say OK mom, ok mom". when I shared this moment with my own mother she reminded me of the time she was asking little me to keep my hands off the wall and I responded with "Whats a wall". We all know I knew darn well what a wall was...I guess we are all little stinkers eh?
Coming soon: Pile O' Tutu's, Things your own parents never thought they'd see, a little about little me and a lot about the girls!


Allison said...

So, your kids pull the "I don't know how to say or do that" when they just did, too? Glad to know mine aren't the only ones.

Bonnie said...

First, thank you for the nice reference to my blog.. and thank you for the idea. It was fun. You are so organized. I'm impressed as always.. speaking of your girls being feisty, so have my boys! I really do think that time change messes with their little minds.
I can just hear Hailey making those comments. She just cracks me up! I know I shouldn't laugh but she is such a smart little thing! I have a feeling she's got a lot of mommy in her.. just saying..

Alicia said...

I L-O-V-E the cleaning service! We call our cleaning ladies 'The Lovely Ladies' ~ I feel so wonderful when my house is clean...especially when I didn't have to clean it!

Ben enjoys the word 'stupid' ~ our conversation always goes something like this:
Ben: "Mommy. We don't say 'stupid' huh?
Me: "No, we don't say that word." Ben: "Right, we don't say 'stupid' in our family"
Me: "You're right, so don't say it."
Ben: "I don't say 'stupid' 'cause we don't say 'stupid', 'stupid' is a bad word."
Me: "Ben, stop saying the word 'stupid' ~ it's not nice."

That kid ~ I tell ya.

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

ah, the lists do seem to keep growing, your right. but you got to love when someone else cleans your house.