November 25, 2008

Books books...everywhere books

Amending the previous post:

Imagine my dismay when my friend Bonnie mentioned this in her comment "I thought maybe you were going to tell about her "organizing" her books." OH MAN, I totally meant to and I totally didn't. Do I have a brain?

Then, to top it off another blogger commented that she liked our bookshelves because her books are EVERYWHERE...

Well, now it is time to Share the story of Lauren "Organizing the bookshelf" and time for me to come clean about books at our house...

It starts like this: When I clean up the books I arrange them Left to Right, Tallest to Shortest taking great care to make sure they line up width, height Lauren cleaned the playroom she also "organized" the bookshelf. I went to put a book on the shelf and was SHOCKED to see this

As you can see...they are not organized by height or size at all. I stood there silent for a moment and Lauren very proudly announced "I organized the by Alphabetizing them, well only by first letter not all the letters but the A's are together and the B's are together you know what I mean mom"

Mom takes a deep breath and beams a BIG smile and says "That is GREAT Lauren, wow that was a lot of work" I find a place for my book, leave, turn off the light and start to contemplate how long I have to wait before I redo it! Oh Lauren, I love you dear! I love you I love you I love you but...I can't do alphabetized bookshelves for long!

Now for the confession. Books, neatly on the shelf, Well yes...but you have to see it all...

In the play room we have the above now "alphabetized" book shelf as well as these two very cluttered shelves:

This shelf is mostly for Holiday books but also stores some "to do" books!

This shelf is mostly EDU Books (homework helpers!) - Oh shoot I forgot to get a picture of the shelf with the encyclopedias from the 1970's on it...oh well..if you look at the previous post they are at the top of the built in shelves!

In Lauren's Room we also have these shelves with books on them:

Junie B Jones, Beverly Cleary, Box Car Children, Heidi and more

American Girl, Russian Ballet Diaries

Shell Silverstein, Charlottes Web, Giant book of Madeline and more...

Just books, I have no idea - one looks like it is American girl though!
Right across the hall in Hailey's room you will also find these books:


(ok, think bah bah blacksheep now...)
Ma Ma Dear-est have you anymore? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three bags full:
Three big bags stuffed full, tucked in the corner of Hailey's closet
because I can't find anyplace to put them...

Down the hall a little further you can find a some books in my closet (and under the bed but it is too dark down there for pictures:

I think this shelf was meant for Sweaters or some other wonderful item of clothing but instead it houses books, some of my books!

Now, for the grand FINALE - My favorite place in the whole house to keep books. I can't believe I lived 35 years without this awesome book storage spot...

I LOVE MY Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)
! I have read 27 books on it since June and look how much space they take up! You just can't beat that. There are books that I will still buy for me because I want to have hard copies but NOT MANY!

OK - so that is it...for now. Lauren IS amazing - cleaning, organizing, whining, picking fights with her sister, helping mom in her times of need!

My Books are not that organized no matter what my 8 year does...we have books EVERYWHERE and probably always will!

Thanks for reading!


Grams said...

That is so funny. Now, come take picutes of your books that are at my house and at the mountain house!!! Aren't they great things those books. Good thing is, they all get read.

Allison said...

Don't you just love having all those books at their disposal! My mom is a retired teacher, so we got all of her books from almost 30 years of teaching. Hubby says, "enough", but I just can't help myself when I go to the bookstore and find good new books! Good to see I am not the only one!

Shannon ( said...

WOW! I'm speechless! However, I still want that bookshelf! "Grams" comment cracked me mean there are more books elsewhere?? Oh well, books are a good thing, at least your shelves aren't filled with stuffed animals!
And I'm totally jealous about your Kendil (spelling?)

Alicia said...

We ARE so much alike! I, too, organize my books by height and left to right! It never even occured to me to organize by alpha ~ that would drive me crazy. So funny! I tried to teach Cailey to organize them the same way I do, but she looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Really?" I let it go because I figured as long as they were in the bookshelf, it was a start. I always go back and organize them 'my way' when I have time. I love, love, love books and they are ALL over the house. I will take a picture of our room designated as 'the library' because of all the books. I love the smell of a new book ~ I always take a deep, deep breath when I walk into Barnes & Noble. That's why I think I might not like the Kindel. BTW ~ I am almost done with Last Night at the Lobster. It got pushed down my reading list four times. But, I will have it back to you soon. :o) :o)