November 28, 2008

Lovely Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. How about you? Started out the morning baking pumpkin pies, followed by helping daddy finish hanging lights outside while Grandma played with the girls inside. A quick lunch of cocktail meatballs and weenies and with veggies and dips - a yummy hot cider and a nap for most!

Hailey woke up from her nap SCREAMING, Hitting her right ear saying "make it stop mommy" she was totally out of sorts and since she just had an ear infection exactly 4 weeks ago I figured we must be having a relapse. Well, the screaming was too much so we hopped in the car and buzzed up to Urgent Care to find them closed. Yup. Guess they get to celebrate Thanksgiving after all. Home we go, because I am not going to ER for an ear infection. Call the Dr. on call....and whom might that be? The recently referenced New Dr. Young. Yup. The good thing? She is who we saw 4 weeks ago right...maybe she will just send in a prescription over the phone. NOPE. The diagnosis - "Oh, it sounds like an ear infection for sure, I will be at the office at 8:45 I would like to see her then, for now alternate Tylenol and Motrin and use warm compresses if needed" Yippee. So we do the Tylenol and push on through the day.

Turkey, green been casserole, stuffing, Waldorf, rolls, broccoli cheese casserole, cranberry sauce and Mashed Potatoes...followed by pumpkin pie, homemade fudge and ice cream!

Wii Bowling (Hailey played and she did quite well...not scoring just the fact that she could play! She slept most of the night only up twice - not sure what the New Dr. Young will have to say when we show up this morning because I have a sneaking suspicion the ear is OK but maybe not - those screams were awful!

Off to Build a Bear sometime today! An annual tradition with Grandma Mary. The girls are really looking forward to that! Don't know what else the day holds for us but I am sure we Will enjoy all of it except the Dr. office!

(no black friday shopping for us - I can't do the crowds!)


Allison said...

LOVE the Christmas design!!!! So cute. I thought about having a holiday design, but wasn't sure how to do that for my particualr design?!

Hope all is well with Hailey. And the Build-A-Bear tradition sounds fun. We are off to see the King Tut Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art!

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

so happy to hear your thanksgiving was nice. Our past week has been so busy, but wonderful to have family in town. We had a yummy thanksgiving as well.

hope your little one is feeling better. ear infections are no fun!


p.s I like the new design!