November 7, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

So, you know I have been looking forward to 3:00 Friday since, well since Sunday when it was decided the girls were going to get to Grams house for a night of DU Hockey, Grandma, Grandpa and loads of you also know the plans were almost axed as early as Monday when Hailey got a fever. I felt so bad for myself because I was not getting a night off for Hailey because she wasn't feeling well and was so looking forward to going to Grandmas. Well, she quickly overcame her fever and moved about the week in deeply hiding an impending ear infection and bronchial trauma perfect health!! We were all very glad the girls were getting their night out and mom and dad were getting to enjoy a quiet house and perhaps an opportunity to get some things done for Christmas! Yes, Christmas...I am anal, psychotic and more when it comes to figuring out Christmas...what comes from who (if you know what I mean) how many, how much etc. etc. etc. so I couldn't wait to get a chance to assess the situation and plan out a clear path of progression for the next six and a half weeks!

Friday came...and boy did it come! Friday started out very early and very approximately 5am I started trading emails with my friend Becky and quickly ended up throwing on some clothes and rushing of to the Vet ER to support a friend in her time of need.

After returning home I had to have a quick conversation with Daddy about whether or not Hailey should attend school even though she seems to have Laryngitis and most likely we will find out she has croup if we take her to the Dr. We decided, "no fever, healthy appetite" might as well head off to school, so I rounded up the troops to rush off to the SUPER QUICK shower, dry the hair, throw on the clothes and rush off to school. After dropping Hailey off we got to
make a slick U-turn and head back home for Lauren's D@^^n retainer!

On my way home from school #2 (insert mommy guilt here) I called the Dr. to grab an appointment so Hailey could get checked before she goes to Grandmas house...after 10 minutes on the phone with the nurse that rubs me the wrong way and finding out that all the "good" Dr's are out today and I was going to have to face the "new" one...after telling Nurse Rub Wrong that I was not happy about that and I could not believe she could not offer me a Dr. that already knew my children and listening to Nurse Rub Wrong say "Oh, Mrs. Emerson I remember you"
ha ha ha seriously she hates me, anyway I got an appointment for 20 minutes after preschool lets out.

At 11:30 I picked up Hailey and headed to the Dr's office to face Nurse Rub Wrong and New Doesn't know my child Dr...waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes (D@^^m) with a hungry, voiceless, tired child (insert more mommy guilt here). Finally we got to see the New Dr. Her name? Dr. YOUNG. That is SUPER encouraging! Well, NEW Dr. Young looks in right ear, says it is PERFECT, looks in left ear and says "Oh she is quite infected" (Mommy guilt mounting) - listens, looks, pokes, prods...Prescribes Antibiotic for Ear Infection and Steroid for Bronchial trauma. OMG. I keep telling you that mommy of the year award will never be mine. Do you believe me yet?

Quick, call Grandma and beg her to still take the girls for the night, ask her kindly and give her plenty of opportunity to back out. Feed Hailey at McDonalds the picture of HEALTH FOOD for my sick child, drop into Walgreen's where the fantastic pharmacists know us by name and pick up DRUGS!

Once home, it took both mom and dad to give Hailey 1 1/2 pills that have to be crushed and mixed in yummy food to get down...Hailey can not be tricked she knew what was coming and it was more like restraining a horse than a 3 year old. Not sure how much of that steroid she got (probably ok though since GRANDMA OF THE YEAR said the girls could still come!)

Now comes the GOOD part...I picked Lauren up from school (Hailey slept the whole way) dropped two VERY happy, excited and barely looking or acting sick children off at Grandmas where GRANDMA OF THE YEAR had the most amazing snack plates on the table for them and I headed home, alone, in the car, listening to MY station...(not very much mommy guilt here)

I arrived home to box on my porch from my dear friend Becky...and in it: A beautiful tower of goodies from Harry and David. and the best part. I am Home Alone and I don't have to share, nah nah nah nah! YUMMY! Please go meet Becky if you have time, she is new to the blogging world and embracing it with open arms!

And now you know more about why Becky is one of my favorite friends and if you know me at all I have VERY few friends and they are all favorites because I am sort of picky, a little...maybe a lot.

Daddy and I headed off to dinner at Outback (THANKS GRANDMA MARY!!) for a quick dinner (sans children) and we did NOT get seated at a table close to screaming toddlers...we did get to sit very close to Lauren's second grade teacher though!

Home (still not very much mommy guilt) tackle the craziness of Christmas in the basement, jump on computer and type this only interruption came from Grandma of the Year when she sent this LOVELY photo from her blackberry. I think she was so proud, I can just hear here saying "let me send mommy a photo so she can see you guys are fine and having fun". Well Mom (Grandma) next time you might want to look at the picture before you send it!

So now, Friday night is almost over, The girls got to go Grams, I got some quiet time and I will head off to bed (insert mommy guilt again) thinking about my girls, my evening and pondering this fantastic thought:

"When did quiet time at home trump going out and having a blast with your husband?"

Thanks for listening (reading) if you made it this far!

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Becky said...

Lauren's second grade teacher?? Isn't that Maynerd?

LOVE this blog (and still think that's Elvis)

Becky said...

Hmmmm. Those boxes looked much fuller in the catalog. Looks like Harry and David did a little sampling before sending. No wonder you dont want to share!

The Over-Thinker said...

Hi Terra! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I hope you'll stop back!

It's been my experience that McDonald's is the cure for the common-anything, so I think you did really well! Also? That candy? Don't suppose that's Weight-Watchers' material, is it? Crap.

P.S. Your girls are beautiful!

Grams said...

Well, you could have at least posted the picture that turned out!I went to great efforts to send that picture. :)
Girls were great at the Hockey Game. Hailey listened intensely (ha ha) to Gramps explain the game!
They were little angels and now are up in their bed being social!
Too cute.