November 24, 2008

Lauren did the most amazing thing

It all started in the bathroom. Yes in the bathroom at Hailey’s bedtime, when I made a comment (in my nicest mommy tone) “The house is very clean right now and all the rooms are picked up, tomorrow I need to do the playroom and I want you to help me keep things nice through Christmas don’t forget, Santa is watching! That means if you play with it, put it back, if it goes in the garbage make sure it finds a can – I got sweet little nods from Angels (knowing darn well they had no intention of actually keeping it up).

So we went about our evening, put Hailey to bed, Lauren went off to the playroom and I was downstairs doing what I do best (a whole lot of everything and a little bit of nothing).

When it was time for Lauren to go to bed, we ventured upstairs to the CLEANEST playroom ever!

Lauren you rock! I tucked her in and told her thank you and so much more and she said “I wanted to clean it for you so you could nap while Hailey is at school” – hmmm that is so Sweet but it also implies that my daughter thinks I need more sleep –
Instead of napping I will be cleaning this:

And this

And I will be getting ready for Turkey Day, I will be contemplating the state of the universe as only a mom can do and I will be doing it knowing I don’t have to clean the playroom!!! I don't have to clean the playroom, nanner nanner nanner!

Thanks Lauren!

Love mom!

BONUS: Grandma is picking Hailey up from school today! My 2.5 hours alone just grew to at least 4 hours! No more excuses…time to "Getter" done!


Musings of a Housewife said...

That's seriously impressive. And. Um. That's a LOT of toys, lol!! :-)

The Bailey Family said...

What a sweet girl! You are a very lucky mom-!

Allison said...

WOW! Don't you just love when they actually do listen and it is a pleasant surprise! the little table/chairs in the middle. Are those handpainted? It looks like Mary Englebreit! Love it, love it!

magnet for the crazy said...

Oh what a sweetie....shes looking for the bonus santa gift!! really do you rent her out because do I ever have a need for helping little ones are still the ones that walk behind and pul out everything you just cleaned! And Lauren, good job helping mom it looked beautifully clean.

Bonnie said...

wow, good job Lauren! I thought maybe you were going to tell about her "organizing" her books.

Kim said...

Awh...what a sweet sweet girl.. I love how big and beautiful your play room is!!

Becky said...

She is a little darling! She gave me a Tatter Tot at lunch today.

Shannon ( said...

Sometimes kids can be so sweet! I love your bookshelf. I'll have to show my hubby that picture because right now books are all over the place! Enjoy your free time this morning!

Grams said...

Way to go Lauren - go after those "mommy points"!

Love you!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Wow! You're playroom is awesome! I want to come and play! I hope you enjoyed your cleaning time...and by enjoyed your cleaning time, I meant cleaned a little and read blogs a lot. :-D