November 1, 2008

Halloween Update

Trick or Treating was great! The weather was beautiful - for the first time in apparently 50someodd years! We loaded up the wagon and took off for a night full of door bells, trick or treats, thank yous and lots of walking! The girls had a great time. We met up with our neighbors and toddled from house to house with Lauren (8), Nicole (5), Hailey (3) Parker (2) - the kids did very well till we got to the scary house - you know the one, the one that takes Halloween WAY Too seriously - lights their trees, plays the scary music, has live people posing as dummies just waiting in the bushes to jump out and make you pee your pants! That one. No-one particularly had any fun there. But we moved on!

After about a dozen homes Hailey was pretty much done -we pulled her in the wagon to a few more homes then gave up and I pulled her home while Daddy and Lauren stayed out trick or treating. I figured she was just tired - it was a long day. But on the way home she kept talking about how people "always said her costume was cute, and "I make a cute tiger" turns out she was a little burnt out on the attention she was getting.

When we got home she IMMEDIATELY dumped all her candy out on the couch and started playing with the Hannah toy our neighbor gave her. She was a little too excited about the candy too though. Kept asking for more...funny thing was she never finished a single piece - took a bite, threw it out tried a new one! She was pretty cute. Off to bed at 8 for her and sound a sleep in just minutes!

Lauren and daddy came home about 30 minutes after Hailey and I and they had a great time. Lauren had a bag FULL of candy and dumped hers out pretty quickly too. Far less obsessed with her loot she picked out 3 pieces to eat and put the rest away...Sadly - she left her uneaten chosen ones on the floor and Riley snagged one and ran off to his room to eat it (sneaky little devil) -

Hope Halloween was Fantastic for everyone!

Hey, little sis get out of my photo!

Me and my loot!


Grams said...

Fun Night!

Bonnie said...

Your girls look great (but don't tell Hailey I said that) haha. I'm glad you all had a good Halloween!