November 17, 2008

Going Green - Or Not??

Did you know I actually had a Walgreens store clerk ask me if I wanted to buy one of there canvas bags for $1 and when I declined (because I have my own bags just didn't have them with me) she then proceeded to say "will you be needing a bag for these items then?" meanwhile I had a scattering of about 11 small items on the counter and a toddler securely on my hip, juggling my wallet to find payment and I said "well, yeah - I don't think I can carry these without one" I wish I would have thought quick enough to say "are you going to carry them to my car for me?"

So with all the ads on TV, the initiatives on ballots, the songs on the radio (even Miley has one) and the clerks at the stores begging, pleading and even insisting - just about everyone is trying to go a little more green today than they were in the recent past.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am listening - I get it - and I even believe about 50% of what I hear about global warming and going green...but sometimes and somethings just won't trump convenience for me.

So I ask you NOT what are you doing to contribute the health of our environment but rather what WON'T you give up for the green team?

For me, sadly, My list is rather extensive - but I have my reasons :)

1. Bottled Water (I have tried the brita filters etc. and they are cumbersome, bulky and annoying)

2. Soda in cans - my addiction far supersedes my desire to help global warming

3. Paper Towels - I just can't bring myself to use the same rag to clean the counter where I lay my toothbrush with the rag that just wiped the toilet. Nor can I manage to remember which rag I used for what - and I can't stand the thought of one of these things sitting near my kitchen sink breading bacteria.

4. My Car - though I do try to combine trips more so I drive less

5. Store bought cleaning products - I am far to unmotivated to MAKE my own cleaning supplies and stick to it for more than a week - I mean cleaning is no fun anyway adding more work to it just seems ridiculous.

I do have grocery sacks that I love and try to use whenever I can but I don't bring them into fast trip stores, I did buy some Green cleaning products last time I was at the store but riddle me this one: CLOROX? Green? Hmmmm. We do have energy efficient appliances, we try to keep lights to a minimum and we installed new thermostats to reign in the Heating and Cooling - though that was more for the pocket book than it was for the environment!

Ok - Tag your it...What are you not willing to give up for the green team - at least not yet?


Krape Family said...

Styrofoam to go containers. I know that styrofoam NEVER biodegrades and it has actually been suggested to me that I should bring my own "to go bags or containers" to a restaurant but what the heck. Maybe someday.

Allison said...

I can't give up my sodas, either...but at least the alumninum is recycleable.

And I am NOT going to COMPOST...worms, smelly food waste, iieewwwuhhhh!

Becky said...

Call me a green freak, but I vow to:
1. Cut down on the use of harmful cleaning products by cleaning only twice a year.
2. Avoid wasting energy in the kitchen by eating regularly at Taco Bell.
3. Not use my auto A/C from September to June.
4. Not drink my sodas from the can, but pour them in a glass - with ice.

Laura said...

I love using the bags.
I keep them everywhere.
I am a diehard paper towel girl.
I love paper towels.
I am trying to cut down.

Alicia said...

I will not give up my long, hot baths or showers. Yes, I use ALL the hot water ~ so I consume extra energy and waste water. Double trouble.

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

we are so alike...

I just can not give up -

bottle water, paper towels and my car. but I am promising, I will cut back on all those paper towels I use!

Terra said...

I think the comments were more fun than the post! Keep em coming - I'm lovin it!


Beth said...

I am willing to give up many things
but the one thing I just couldn't do was cloth diapers. I tried for about two months and then bought disposables.