June 23, 2008

Someday Story

Some of you know that Lauren dreams of fixing up the old mountain towns she sees on our drives to Beaver Creek. She has talked about for two years now. Her plans keep getting more detailed and more elaborate. She wants them to be beautiful and a place for poor people to live. While I have no idea where she dreamt this up I know it to be on her mind just about constantly.

Well, last week while at WellsFargo she picked up an entry form for a contest. at the time I did not know what it was but she was excited about it. In the car she read the whole packet, then told me about it. But she was bummed because you had to be 18 to enter. The contest is called "Someday Stories" and the goal is to write your "someday" story and the winner gets $100,000 towards their "Someday" goals. The story has to be under 250 words and words like I and a count! She was so excited and so bummed at the same time.

Well, that night she wrote a "someday" story in a tiny spiral notebook.

Tonight I added two sentences to the beginning and submitted the story. I don't think she has a chance of winning - might even be breaking the rules - not her best "story" but it what she has been talking about for sure. It is also hard to tell the separation between my 2 sentences and her story on the online entry (no way to add enters) but I did it anyway -

Here is Lauren's Someday Story:

My someday story comes from my 7 year old daughter and a dream she has had for two years. She really wanted to enter your contest.

Someday I will fix the old towns in the Rocky Mountains. I want to make them nicer than ever, and I will sell them to poor people for around twenty dollars. I will have to buy the land, tools, wood, paint, screws, nails, TV’s, Dishwashers etcetera. I’ll build stores, jobs, houses and banks. For the back yards I’ll do mini pools, sod, and porches. Indoors I’d like a casual family room and living room, a pretty and nice dining room, clean looking kitchen, a basement that’s full of space to have a guest bedroom and space to store stuff, a craft room that could be converted to an office, three decent bedrooms. In each house there will be all those things I just said. There will also be one big Welcome Home present and a note per month. Each house will be three dollars. When I said around Twenty Dollars I meant to sell it. In the present will be the note and some free DVD’s, CD’s and Books. The note will say: Your monthly fee is Three Dollars. I’ll give you three times each month; every time you can’t pay three dollars it takes one of your chances. If you lose all three chances you lose your house. Please choose me for your winner; I’m doing good things for poor people. Please.


L'il Dog Foo said...

You have a very BIG heart for such a little girl. Good luck on a GREAT story.


Bonnie said...

Wow. That's quite a story. Amazing what goes through her little mind.