March 2, 2008

Weekend Update

What a weekend. Both girls fell asleep on the family room floor yesterday afternoon. For Hailey this is not unusual on days when she doesn't nap for Lauren...I have not seen her do that since she was 3 years old! She just laid in the middle of the floor and fell asleep in no time. They each slept about 30 minutes it was SO quiet! Wow. I suppose Lauren was still recovering from being sick all week. She is all better but she got hives on Friday. This is a new thing for Lauren, but Hailey has a tendency towards them. Apparently 3-5% of people have a tendency to be allergic to a virus they have had and at the end they break out in hives for about a week. Lauren's are mild but they are hives none the less and well...they itch a little but mostly we just giggle about them. It is weird to get hives from a virus and weirder to watch them come and go!

Other than that we spent most of yesterday outside. The temps approached 70 and other than the wind it was a very pleasant day.

Today however, is a different story. We woke up to a Snow and Blowing Snow advisory and are expected to get several inches of snow throughout the day and evening. Burrr. And we JUST GOT the lawn free of snow yesterday. Todd spent weeks snow blowing, shoveling, poking and scraping trying to free our front yard of snow. With no sun it had piled up a couple of feet of a snow/ice combination that probably would have still been their in July had we left it! It is funny when it is there and the rest of the neighborhood has grass! Oh well, that's Colorado for ya!

Then to top it all off Lauren fell asleep on the floor again today! This time she slept more than an hour! I guess she is still catching up from being sick. WOW! Hope she can make it through the day at school tomorrow without falling asleep at her desk!

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