March 5, 2008

Is today ever going to end

Wow...this was one of those days with no end. It just keeps going and going and going...AHHH.

Nothing in particular just a day where each minutes feels like an hour.

It was a good day though. Hailey had a good day at school. She did not cry when I dropped her off. Though she wanted to - she looked at me, got that I am gonna cry look, looked at her teacher, took a deep breath, gave me a kiss and said good bye. I wanted to cry.

Off to school for Lauren then home to do computer stuff with a friend. Stopped at the gas station, became an almost hero to the girl who's car wouldn't start when she found out Todd made sure my car had jumper cables in it (no one there had cables) another man did the dirty work and her car started YEAH...bummer when her power steering light came on and though her engine was running her steering wheel was locked and she still couldn't go anywhere.

Made me ponder what good is a gas station anymore? they don't even have JUMPER CABLES...and then I found out they wont loan you a gas can if you run out of gas and make there to fill up and go fill your have to BUY a gas can! Nothing like getting slapped twice. I pay nearly $60 to fill my gas guzzling, piece of poop car at a gas station that can sell me candy and soda but can't help if I am in trouble. Hmmmm. I want to roll the clock back about 30 years and have some guy walk up to my window and ask what he can do for me today? So I can tell him to fill er up and check the oil please...meanwhile he will smile and whistle while washing my filthy, pitted windshields from the 30 mini snow storms we have had this year. Pipe dreams I know. But a gal has to have dreams eh?

Hailey got a gift from a boy at school today. Jackson gave her a pink clip for her hair and he was very proud of himself and Hailey won't take it out. Hmmm a glimpse of the teen years, perhaps.

I spent a fair amount time clearing the snow from last nights storm so we could safely maneuver our driveway today...the hard work paid off (if only for a short while) by the time we left for hip hop the driveway was DRY...YEAH MOM!

Lauren had hip hop tonight and Rico gave her the only high 5 because she was the only one that could do the whole dance with her eyes closed! Way to go Lauren!

Oh by the is snowing again

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