March 6, 2008

Welcome to Thursday

Oh my Oh my..Hailey slept til 6:54 this morning! Praise the lord, Hallelujah and all kinds of other BIG thank God words!!! I can count on 1 hand how many times she has slept past 6:00am! YAHOO - now if only this could become a new habit.

Is it Thursday? The day before Friday? Of course it is. The problem. NO SCHOOL tomorrow. Lauren and I both knew that and both forgot. It was on our way to school that we had the DUH moment and panicked. She didn't do her spelling homework and today is the test! AHHHHHHHHH. Rush to school, borrow a computer, log in, print the spelling, sit in the corner, do the packet and pray that you pass the test! Mom feels like a heal, Lauren handled it pretty well and the test? She got an A! Go Lauren, Go Lauren, Go Lauren!!!

Next...we rush back home for Hailey's play date. The play date that I planned to take lots of pictures at. Hmmmm. Didn't remember to take a single picture! I would have taken 50 with Lauren...I am starting to think Lauren had a much better mom than Hailey has. What gives? Anyway, Hailey and Devon (not pictured) had a good time. They interacted together and played a little off and on. They were cute to watch! We will do it again soon! Oh, and I enjoyed Carol's company! Yeah, me...She is very nice and very real and the 2 hours flew by! (Carol of course is Devon's mom)

Afterwards...I did not feel like dealing with lunch so it was off to noodles for some potstickers (Hailey loves them!!) as we were leaving I had one of my many "Can I just crawl in a hole and disappear now" moments. A lady stopped me on my way to comment on Hailey. How nice. We chat for a minute and I turn to leave only to find Hailey with her Skirt, Tights and Underwear DOWN AROUND HER ANKLES! YES. OMG. AHHHH. "Hailey what are you doing?" "I fixin somfing" "Honey you can't take your clothes off in a restaurant" "I FIXIN SOMFING" I squat down to pull them up and she says even louder "I FIXIN SOMFING MOM" now the whole restaurant is watching us and Hailey reaches back, scratches her bottom (like a monkey) then starts to pull things back up. How quickly can I get out of here? I am sure my face is 10 different shades of red GET ME HOME is all I can think. Now I wish I would have had less humiliation and more brain power I should have videoed it and sent it off to AFV. Guess I flushed 10K down the toilet...

Well, I lived, she lived and I suppose a lot of moms and business people will have a story to tell at the diner table tonight. Glad I could help.



Bkc said...

I love the Hailey story, I can just see her doing it too.. Good for Lauren on her spelling. Don't feel bad. We moms are not perfect. Just think about all the things you DO remember! Bonnie

m.slingerlend said...

Could have been one of those Southwest Airlines commercials "want to get away now?".

Miss you and love you,


Alicia said...

Okay, that is funny.