March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

It was a happy Easter for all. The girls loved finding all the eggs the Easter Bunny dropped when it was hopping around our house in the night. They were hanging from doors, hiding under tables and chairs and more. They also enjoyed their baskets full of pool toys, water shoes and some candies. I took several short videos and it is hard to choose what to post but I will only only post a couple here. If you are so inclined you can view them all on our website at later tonight, it will take me a while to get them up there.

At the end of the long day the girls wanted a bath in the big tub with the jets on. I decided to put in a tiny squirt of shampoo to try to give them bubbles because I don't buy bubble bath. WELL...shampoo and the jets makes a LOT of bubbles. The tub almost overflowed with bubbles. Hailey could not even sit down. It was very funny! They stayed in for a long time then it was off to the shower to get all bubbles off and get the hair rinsed (then we had a repeat of them trying to dry their own hair too)

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