March 8, 2008

Here we go

Big Big weekend ahead. Lauren has her first dance competition today! I think I am the only nervous one around here. We have to leave at 12:30 and wont return till well after 7:00 maybe even 8. Going to be a long day! Then we get to set our clocks forward an hour depriving ourselves of an hour of much needed sleep. Still think this daylight savings stuff is bogus. Wish they would just quit it.

Spent much of yesterday feeling like I got ranover by a truck. Got one of the many cruds that has been going around - went to the Dr. - got drugs and actually feel somewhat human today! Hailey was a champ at the Dr. with me she slept in my lap for much of my wait then drew with me...she is perfecting her smiley faces and has mastered her second letter the letter i so much like her sister her first written word is Hi. I will take a picture of her master pieces and post them here later!

Tomorrow night we get to go to the Carrie Underwood Keith Urban concert with a bunch of friends and we are looking forward to it. I think Hailey is the most excited. This will be her second concert! Hannah of course was her first. Hailey can belt the Carrie songs word for word so she should have a good time!

Can you believe Easter is just 2 weeks away? I wonder if the bunny will be visiting our house?

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Bonnie said...

Should be a great concert. Let me know how it is. Bonnie