March 8, 2008

Dance Competition Update

What a day! AMAZING! We were there for 8 hours! The girls did great!

Lauren was in two dances Small Group Lyrical and Small Group Jazz they took FIRST PLACE IN BOTH! Lauren got to accept the trophy for one of the dances!

They also took 4th and 5th overall for Lyrical and Jazz small groups (a lot of the studios had a lot more groups than our so they took higher placement in the overalls)

It was great!

CONGRATULATIONS DUAL STAR!!! Many of their dances won a ton of trophys!!!


m.slingerlend said...

Really nice to get to see the picture so quick! Wish I had been there. Mom

Bonnie said...

Good job Lauren, what a good picture! Bonnie

Brad said...

congratulations lauren! I hope you like your new ballet calss also. -brad and anna

m.slingerlend said...

Fun to flash through the pictures again! The blog is great!