March 4, 2008

Tuesday March 4th

Not much going on today. Took Lauren to school, dropped by the salon to make an appointment and ending up going home with a bag on my head...(see later paragraph), took Hailey to dance...her favorite place, need to pick up Lauren soon and rush her off to ballet then home to make Pizza Puffs, convince Lauren to do her spelling tonight and hopefully settle down early with a good book!

Hailey got an invitation to a birthday party of one of the little dancers. I wasn't planning on attending because we have to go to another birthday party that same weekend. Well Miss Cutie Pie convinced me that she needs to go. In her own way of course. We were in the car and she was so proud to be holding her invitation... then she puts her finger to her head (her thinking pose) and says "I Have Idea" and I said "yeah what's that" and she said "I have to get Paulina a present and I have to make her a card" so I knew right away that she wanted to go. But, In a mommy kind of way I sort of sluffed it off with a quick "we'll see". So 5 minutes later she says "Do I have a present I can give Paulina?" Mom says "we'll see" - a few more minutes go by and Hailey says "Paulina is turning 3, there is a big 3 on this card" and I said "yes she is..."

So, we move on, back to the salon so I can tip Regina for putting color on my gray hair because of course I forgot to do that this morning (plus I didn't have any cash on me anyway...because I wasn't betting on her being able to do it at that moment...) and Hailey HAD to bring the invite in to show Regina, and she Can't wait to show Lauren..she is so proud of her invitation. It made me realize this is the first time Hailey has gotten invited to something that is just for her!!! She tags along to everything Lauren does and well, we will be going - because it is important for Hailey to get to do this.

Hailey has been napping on Fetch and Oaf for about an hour, fel off once, asked me to cover her back up and back to sleep she went....

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