March 9, 2008

Still excited...

We are still very proud of the girls and of Lauren! Today's post, however, is a past due post about Hailey!

On Friday she wrote her first WORD! She has been able to write her H for about 3 months now and just added the i for Hi! YEAH HAILEY.

She has also been working on her smiley face for about a week now!

She likes to draw the face with all the Hi's around it. It is cute and she is proud of herself!

Lauren was 29 months when she wrote her first Hi! Hailey is 30 months! Not much difference there considering the difference in personalities!!!


Bonnie said...

I love the smiley faces, reminded me of when by boys started making them. They would draw them over and over.. Bonnie

Terra said...

They are funny aren't They! I Think they look like Mr. Potato Head!!!