March 19, 2008

Wed. March 19th

1 week and 2 days till we leave. I cannot wait to go away and have someone make the bed, change the towels, serve me breakfast, lunch and with the girls in the pool and hopefully watch them play in the pool together some!

Hailey stayed home sick today. We went to school because I was supposed to read to her class and she was looking forward to that but we left right after. She really liked that though. She sat on her carpet square like an angel the whole time! It was fun~

Lauren is hard at work in her workbook phase again. Usually it means she is bored in school but I am assured this is not the case. She was not happy with the new books I bought for her apparently they were not ones that she had to "think" to her teacher sent me a million things to print off for her to do! Maybe those will be more her level? UGH.

The pile for the trip is growing in the corner of my bedroom. I should take a picture so everyone can laugh at me. Today I started adding medicines, sunscreens etc.

Diego is entertaining me in the background while Hailey sleeps on the cough, I mean couch...I have cough on the brain. Just hoping she kicks this one quick and the projectile sneezes stop soon...GROSS and that no-one else gets it!!

Well, Happy Wednesday to all who are reading!


Bonnie said...

I hope Hailey is feeling better. Maybe Lauren could come over and inspire my kids to do thier homework then she wouldn't be so bored..haha Bonnie

Terra said...

Thanks for the giggle Bonnie. SHe just finished a book report. but she is not moving on to workbooks tonight!